How to Fix Character Faces seems off in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Fix Character Face seems off in Hogwarts Legacy

Your first introduction to Hogwarts Legacy is honestly, the character creation. A separate Character Screen appears where you will be able to customize the character and something that you totally like. But, wouldn’t it hurt you if the Character you created from start doesn’t even look like that and has destroyed graphics? Well, that’s where we come in and tell you all the details on How to Fix the Character Face that seems off in Hogwarts Legacy.

Your hard work on the Character is seen everywhere in the game, whether you are on the menu, checking out the outfits, playing the game, having a crazy fight, or even in the cutscene. There is a certain bug in the game that causes your Character to look kind of off, meaning that character isn’t the one you made.

Why does my character’s face seem different from the one I created?

The character’s face seems different from the one I created

For the most part, it was first found by the Reddit user “MinuteMan” who saw it and later was termed true by most players that the Player Model you created a kind of seems off. Then he also created a Character and made a screenshot side-by-side, showcasing what actually was the difference.

What is the difference?

When a side-by-side comparison was done, the facial features, mouth, and eyes were kind of upward, but the nose is still at the same location. This will make the character wider, losing the features and the beauty. 

Fixing Character Face seems off in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Fix Character Faces seems off in Hogwarts Legacy

The basic fix to Character Face seems off in Hogwarts Legacy is using Lumos. When you cast this spell in the game in the Tutorial Section, you will fix this issue and the player’s face will go back to normal. Everything will go back to its original place. 

There are some things like the Mouth and Eyes that will go back to the one you created over time. 

Final Verdict

Hogwarts Legacy has its own fair share of problems, but the Character Face seems Off Glitch in the game is kind of strange. You can’t unsee it and that causes trouble for everyone here. As for How to fix Character Faces in Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the Lumos in the game and it will solve your character’s face, there are some things that take time to go back to the normal side.

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