How to Fix "Egg Seems a Little Cold" Issue in Palworld

How to Fix “Egg Seems a Little Cold” Issue in Palworld

From capturing exciting creatures to nurturing them from eggs to mighty companions, the journey is filled with wonder and challenges. One such challenge many tamers face is the dreaded “Egg Seems a Little Cold” message. Don’t worry, for this guide will help you ensure your precious eggs stay warm and hatch healthy Pals!

How to Fix the “Egg Seems a Little Cold” Issue in Palworld

When you see the “Egg Seems a Little Cold” message, it simply means the temperature around the egg has dropped below the optimal level for proper incubation. This can slow down the hatching process or even prevent it entirely. Luckily, there are several ways to address this issue and ensure your egg thrives.

Place the egg incubator indoors, preferably in a building with walls and a roof. This provides natural insulation and protects the egg from the elements, especially during colder nights.

If necessary, consider placing a campfire or heater near the egg incubator. These heat sources will directly raise the surrounding temperature, but be cautious! Ensure the fire is at a safe distance to avoid overheating the eggs.

Remember, hatching takes time! Don’t get discouraged if your egg doesn’t hatch immediately. As long as you maintain the proper environment, your Pal will emerge in due time, ready to go on adventures with you.

Final Words

By following these simple steps, you can create the perfect environment for your Pal eggs to thrive and hatch into healthy, happy companions. Remember, a little care and attention go a long way in ensuring the success of your Pal-raising endeavors. So, stay vigilant, keep those eggs warm, and get ready to welcome your new Pal into the world!

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