How To Fix Enshrouded Crashing (Steam)

How To Fix Enshrouded Dedicated Server Not Working

Enshrouded, the captivating action-adventure RPG, offers players the opportunity to host dedicated servers for a seamless multiplayer experience. However, users may encounter challenges when setting up or running dedicated servers. Here’s a guide on addressing common issues related to Enshrouded dedicated servers.

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Server Installation Issues

When using tools like WindowsGSM, ensure you follow the installation steps correctly. Navigate to the “Servers” section, click on “Install Game Server,” and select “Enshrouded Dedicated Server [Enshrouded.cs]” for installation.

Dedicated Server Availability

Check official announcements or community discussions to confirm if dedicated server functionality is currently available. Developers may release updates or patches affecting server capabilities.

Server Hosting Platforms

Verify that you are using a compatible server hosting platform. Dedicated server tools and configurations may differ, so ensure you are using a reliable and supported method for hosting.

Dedicated Server Plans

If hosting through a third-party service, confirm that the server plan you selected meets Enshrouded’s system requirements. Inadequate resources can lead to server instability.

Network and Firewall Settings

Ensure that necessary ports are open for Enshrouded’s dedicated server. Commonly used ports are 15636 (game port) and 15637 (Steam query port). Adjust firewall settings to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on these ports.

Server Status and Updates

Stay informed about the status of Enshrouded’s dedicated servers by checking official sources. Developers may release updates that affect server functionality, and maintenance periods may temporarily impact server availability.

Final Words

By following these solutions, players can address common issues related to Enshrouded dedicated servers. Whether it’s ensuring proper installation, verifying server availability, or adjusting network settings, a systematic approach can enhance the multiplayer experience in the world of Enshrouded.

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