How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Memory Leak and FPS Drop after playing for too long

How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data

Usually, you load the game, and it starts off from where you left it previously. It saves perfectly as you are playing through it. But this time you start the game, and it loads from a place you didn’t leave from. Unfortunately, this is followed by an error that says, “Unable to Load System Saved Data”. This issue is the same as when you aren’t able to load the game. In case you are stuck somewhere due to this issue, we have here a guide on How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data to help you out.

The reason of this error!

The obvious one is a game glitch or an issue with the save files location of the game. Well, it is something that you will have to solve through the utilization of various methods, but still, there is a high chance that only a new update or a patch can fix it.

Fixing Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data

Just like we mentioned before that it is mostly bound to the game save files. So, you will need to mess up things and it could delete or temporarily finish your previous saves. That’s something to keep in mind as well.

This Fix is courtesy of the “King of Persia” user on Steam Discussion for the “Save Corrupted/unable to Load or Even Save Game anymore” post.

How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data

Part 1 – Clearing Game Save Files

  • You will have to delete or clear the Steam Cloud data. It is a lengthy process, but you can follow the Steam Cloud Saves guide from here.
  • Backup the old saves through “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(unique number)\2050650(this is the app ID for RE4R)\remote\win64_save\”
  • Copy the ones in the Word Slot. In case you have two manual files, then copy data 001Slot and then the data 002Slot.
  • Paste them into a folder on your desktop, but keep them separate from one another.
  • Go to Steam Library and right-click Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Then go to Properties
  • After that go to the General
  • Cancel the Check on “Keep Save Files in Steam Cloud”
  • Go back to the game’s save file folder, which would be named 2050650 Folder or something like that. Inside that, you have to delete remotecache.vdf File and the Remote Folder as well.
  • Open Task Manager and exit Steam from there, ending all Steam Apps as well.
  • Restart the PC and come back to Resident Evil 4 Remake on Steam.
  • The game will start fresh and there will be no errors here.

In case it fixes the issue of Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data you don’t have to proceed. Still, if the game doesn’t load or save the game, follow onwards through with it.

Part 2 – Restoring the Save Files

  • Start a New Game, and reach only the Typewriter that you get in the beginning (the first one).
  • Save the game in both the first and second slots of the game, only in the case when you have two saves that you want to restore.
  • Close the game completely.
  • Go to Steam, Resident Evil 4 Remake properties, and then General. Check the Box with “Keep Game Saves in Steam Cloud”.
  • An error that says, the game isn’t synced with the cloud, will appear.
  • Go back, open the game, and a Steam Cloud Conflict Screen will appear.
  • Select the Local Save and soon after, the game will be overwritten on the cloud saves.
  • To Restore the Old Saves in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will have to close the game, go to the 2050650 Folder in Resident Evil 4 Remake, then proceed to the folder in Remote – Win64.
  • You should Overwrite both data 001Slot and the data 002Slot, putting in the original saves that were backed up from the start
  • Drink some water, pray, and Start the game again. Choose Local Saves and it will start overwriting the cloud.
  • Load the game from Slot 1 or Slot 2. Don’t worry, even if it says you will load from Chapter 1, you will still be getting the game from the original location.
  • Don’t forget to save the game again because now it will recognize it as the original save for the game.

Final Verdict

That’s How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Load System Saved Data. You just have to rewrite the save files while disabling the Steam Cloud for Game Saves. After that, you have to turn the cloud on and put the saved files on that to overwrite the cloud files once more. Simple as that!

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