Stuck in Coastal Mine Hogwarts Legacy

How to fix Stuck in Coastal Mine Hogwarts Legacy

There have been many instances in Hogwarts Legacy where the players get stuck somewhere or the person giving you the mission disappears. The same is the case with the Lodgok’s Quest in Hogwarts Legacy where you are literally stuck in the Lodgok’s Quest and can’t get out. Here’s How to Fix Stuck in Coastal Mine issue of Hogwarts Legacy.

Why am I stuck in the Coastal Mine?

For the most part, when you are doing Lodgok’s Legacy Quest, you will be finding the Collection Chests. In case you missed anything and went back to look out for that, you will notice that afterward, there isn’t any place to get out of the cave.

We know you tried everything in your power to look around the area but can’t get out. This is probably because of the fact that the Hogwarts Legacy glitched out, resulting in the carts going back to their original place and the exit totally vanishing.

How to Fix Stuck in Coastal Mine Hogwarts Legacy

Stuck in Coastal Mine Hogwarts Legacy

The best fix so far is to simply save your game manually from the menu and then restart the game. It will fix itself automatically after you open the game and load from the previous save you just did.

There are also instances where the game will automatically fix itself after some time of randomly playing the region around.

Final Verdict

So, that’s probably How to get out of Coastal Mine if stuck in Hogwarts Legacy. It happens sometimes, you just have to restart the game but before you do, don’t forget to make a manual save.

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