How to Fix This is an Awkward Error on Discord

How to Fix This is an Awkward Error on Discord

Many of the Discord users started experiencing sudden crashes with the error “Well, This is Awkward” followed by “Looks Like Discord has Crashed Unexpectedly”. Well, here’s our take on How to Fix this is an Awkward Error on Discord.

Discord isn’t like other platforms that have a ton of issues at their disposal. It is clean and quite user-friendly. But, there are times when things don’t go in your way.

The application will suddenly start crashing without any specific issue that you know of and gives you the error of “Well, this is awkward” followed by “Looks like Discord has Crashed Unexpectedly, We’ve tracked the error and will get right on it”.

Here’s a way on fixing the Discord Unexpected Crash.

Why does Discord show This is an Awkward Error?

The obvious reason behind it happening is using BetterDiscord or Discord on your PC. It happens after updating them or using the plugin.

Both of these things are the major cause of Discord Crash. When you update Better Discord or Discord, there might be an error in the new updates or even the old ones that could be messing with the application.

As for the Plugins, they are simply known to conflict with BetterDiscord more often than other things. The most popular ones are “ZeresPluginLibrary” and “0BDFBD”.

How to Fix This is an Awkward Error on Discord

How to know if you have the same issue?

Well, after the Discord Crashes, you will be going in a crash loop, again and again. It will never start again, rather will put you in an endless loop.

Fixing This is an Awkward Error on Discord

There are various ways to fix this issue and we’ll be going to talk about all of them in detail below;

Re-installing Discord

You have to uninstall Discord and reinstall it again completely. It will get rid of all the corrupted files and you can download it again from the Microsoft Store.

In case you don’t have BetterDiscord, you can simply use it instead of going for the Discord App you had before.

Uninstalling Plugins

In case the Discord This is an Awkward Message started after some Plugin and you got the error of “Looks Like Discord has Crashed Unexpectedly”, then you need to get rid of all those Plugins.

It goes the same way for the BetterDiscord and the previous Discord App that you had.


Well, that’s How to Fix This is an Awkward Error on Discord. When you get the error of “Well, this is awkward”, you have to follow the steps of;

  • Uninstalling Discord or Better Discord
  • Re-installing Discord again
  • If you don’t have Better Discord, get it installed
  • Uninstall the BetterDiscord plugins

That’s it! You will be out of the Crashing Loop on Discord and can use it safely again.

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