How to Fix Tweets not Loading on Twitter

How to Fix Tweets not loading on Twitter

Twitter is a best friend that gives all of us the latest news in the form of Tweets and that is probably why we love it so much. But, there are instances when you are trying to check back on some Tweets and there is a certain error that appears after loading “Tweets aren’t loading right now”. Well, we are here for that exact reason and will provide you with guidance on How to Fix Tweets not loading on Twitter.

It isn’t a secret that Twitter has its fair share of problems but the most troublesome of them all is always related to the Tweets not loading properly.

The main purpose of Twitter is to check back on Tweets from others or put a Tweet from our end to let the Community know about certain stuff. With the Twitter error, “Tweets aren’t loading right now” you basically can’t get the news at the correct time, which is frustrating.

So, we all want to make Twitter work properly and show us the Tweets at the right time. Simply follow this guide on How to Fix Tweets not loading on Twitter and you will catch up with the Tweets right away, in case you are facing the same issues of Tweets not loading on Twitter.

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How to Fix Tweets not Loading on Twitter

What does it mean when Tweets aren’t loading on Twitter?

Whenever you have a Tweets loading issue, you get the message “Tweets aren’t loading right now” furthermore, this error symbolizes either it is from the back-end or it is from the front-end (meaning your side).

Sometimes the issue may be resolved by itself after waiting for a while because of the Internet Connection issue or the Server error is dealt with. You can refresh several times and things will get back to normal.

In case the issue still persists, then it might be due to many reasons, which we mentioned below in our “Why” section. Afterward, when you are sure about the root cause, you can check on our How to Fix Tweets not loading on the Twitter section.

Why are Tweets not Loading on Twitter and Twitter giving the “Tweets aren’t loading right now” errors?

As once a nobleman Abraham Lincoln said “if I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. This also applies to your daily life and here when you are Fixing the issue of Tweets not showing on Twitter.

Before actually hopping onto the solution, we need to first examine what the issue actually is and why does Twitter give an error of “Tweets aren’t loading right now”? The major cause of this issue is;

  • When the Twitter Servers are down or encounter some problem from the back-end
  • Your internet connection might have an issue like slowing down, not having proper binding with you and the provider, and so on.
  • Tweets not loading on Twitter because your content preference is different
  • You might be using the older version of Twitter and there is a new one available for you to download
  • Smartphone and Desktop Cache might be full, causing this Twitter Loading Error
  • The browser might be at fault here, either on your Smartphone or Desktop, if you are using one.

How to Fix Tweets not Loading on Twitter – Solving “Tweets aren’t loading right now”

Now that you are aware of the root cause, let’s jump straight to Fixing the tweets not loading on the Twitter issue. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip!

Check your Internet

You might be worrying without any major reason because your Internet Connection could be the culprit here. If you are on Data, there is a chance that it is causing the Tweets that aren’t loading right now an error.

For a home connection, you can disconnect the router and plug it back in or take a speed test to make sure things are working well or not. You can also run other applications and it will give you a push on whether it is the internet or not. So, checking your Internet Connection is always the way to start things off.

Internet Connection with Twitter

Adjust the Content Preference

As we mentioned, your Content Preference might be messing with Tweets, causing them to not load accordingly. In that case, you are watching the top Tweets because the default Content Preference is not set to recent Tweets.

In order to fix it, you need to find a Star Icon in your Twitter App. It is present in the Twitter Application menu. After going inside, you can see the “Change Timeline” option that changes your Content Preference to the latest Tweets.

Changing Content Preference on Twitter

Updating the Twitter Application

The more likely cause after an Internet Connection might be your Application itself. There are times when you are using the Older version of Twitter and the Newer version is available, it can cause errors like “Tweets aren’t loading right now”.

In order to fix Tweets not loading on Twitter, you can simply update the application. For Android, you can go to the Play Store and then “My Apps”. Afterward, Update Twitter from there. For iOS, you can go to the App Store and then click on the Update option alongside the icon of Twitter.

Updating Twitter App

Changing your Browser or Turning off Extensions

If you are on a Browser, there is also a high chance that it is messing up your Twitter and causing Tweets to not load on Twitter properly. In case you are wondering why the Browser does it. When you are using extensions or a browser has some other problems, it can cause Twitter to not load Tweets properly.

To fix this, you can change the Browser or get rid of the extensions by going to “Settings” of your browser and then going to the “Extensions” menu, then turning them off.

In case things are another way around and you are using the App, you can shift to Browser and check whether the issue still appears or not.

Turning off Browser Extensions

Clearing your Cache and Cookies

We all know that Cache is not a good thing and might probably be the worst thing for our devices. Whenever we are using the Twitter application, the Cache is going to temporarily gathers data. It is data you probably don’t want because it can cause the App to slow down with time, as the Cache fills up.

In order to remove that, you can go to your Smartphone Settings and find the App section. From there, you can find Twitter and go to the settings to “clear cache”, delete “app data”, “force stop” or permanently “delete the app”

Coming to the Cookies part, if you are using Twitter on your Browser, it saves the data in the form of Cookies. These Cookies are the same as Cache, causing the App to load slowly with time.

To fix that, you need to open the Browser and press CTRL+H to open the History Tab. Then click on “Clear browsing data”. It will delete Cache and Cookies for your Browser.

Clearing Twitter App Cache

Take help from Twitter Support

Last but not least if nothing works for you and you are still getting the “Tweets aren’t loading right now” issue on Twitter, then you can Contact the Support Team of Twitter from here.

Talk to them, and tell them what the issues are. If you used the methods mentioned in our Guide on How to Fix Tweets not loading on Twitter, you can also tell them it didn’t work. They will get back to you ASAP with a quick fix to this problem.

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Twitter Support and Help Center

Final Verdict

Tweets not loading on Twitter is a type of issue that may be because of several reasons. It isn’t bound with a single source, but rather multiple ones, either related to the Twitter Server side or from your own side. In our Guide on How to Fix Tweets not loading on Twitter, we mentioned the ways that are related from your side. In case you are still getting the Twitter error “Tweets aren’t loading right now” you can contact the support team and they can help you out. 


Is Clearing Twitter Cache a good thing?

Cache temporarily stores the Twitter Data you gain while using it. With time it can slow the app down or even mess with the Browsing, causing issues like “Tweets aren’t loading right now” on Twitter. In simpler wordings, it means that clearing cache is a good things

What happens from Clearing Twitter Storage?

When you clear the Twitter Storage it resets the Syncing and Notification, making them default. I doesn’t clear the storage and neither it removes the account information.

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