Where to Find Copper in Skull and Bones?

How To Get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

In the perilous world of Skull and Bones, resources like Bronze Ingots are invaluable for upgrading your ship and enhancing your capabilities as a pirate captain. If you’re wondering how to obtain these precious ingots, fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you acquire them easily.

How To Get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

What Are Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones?

Bronze Ingots are essential resources used for crafting and upgrading various components of your ship, from cannons to hull reinforcements. They provide crucial enhancements to your vessel’s performance and combat effectiveness, making them highly sought after by ambitious pirates.

How To Get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

How To Get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

Refine Copper

One of the primary methods to acquire Bronze Ingots is by refining Copper. Copper can be found in abundance in certain regions of the Skull and Bones world. Once you’ve gathered enough Copper, take it to a Refinery where it can be processed into Bronze Ingots by skilled craftsmen.

We have covered the locations for Copper in our article: Where to Find Copper in Skull and Bones?

You need to have at least 3 copper to refine 1 bronze ingot in Skull and Bones.

Plunder Settlements

Another way to obtain Bronze Ingots is by plundering settlements located around the Red Isle. These settlements often contain valuable resources, including Copper, which can be refined into Bronze Ingots. Prepare your crew for battle and raid these settlements to acquire the materials you need.

Sink Ships on the Angaya Coast

The Angaya Coast is known for its maritime traffic, making it a prime location for acquiring Bronze Ingots through combat. Engage enemy ships patrolling the coast and defeat them in battle to loot their cargo, which may include Copper that can be refined into Bronze Ingots.

Purchase from Settlements

Additionally, Bronze Ingots can sometimes be purchased directly from settlements scattered throughout the Skull and Bones world. Keep an eye out for settlements offering these valuable resources for sale and be prepared to spend your hard-earned wealth to acquire them.

Final Words

Obtaining Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones requires resourcefulness, cunning, and a willingness to engage in both trade and combat. By refining Copper, plundering settlements, sinking ships, and exploring the vast seas, you can gather the materials needed to craft powerful upgrades for your ship. So set sail, brave pirate, and embark on your quest to amass a fortune in Bronze Ingots and become the most feared captain on the high seas!

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