How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is an immersive card-collecting game set in the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Developed by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, this mobile game combines elements of MMO and RPG gameplay, allowing players to experience the life of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the game, gold is a valuable in-game currency that plays a crucial role in your progress and card collection. In this article, we will explore How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, helping you on your magical journey.

How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Play Story Quests and Enjoy the Narrative Experience

Engaging in the game’s story quests is a fantastic way to earn gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. As you progress through the immersive narrative, you will encounter voice-acted cutscenes and experience the captivating world of Harry Potter. Completing story quests not only rewards you with gold but also deepens your understanding of the game’s lore and characters.

Participate in Duels and Defeat Opponents

Dueling other players in Harry Potter Magic Awakened is not only thrilling but also lucrative. By engaging in duels and emerging victorious, you can earn gold as a reward. Strategize your card combinations and utilize your magical abilities to outwit your opponents and claim victory. Take part in the dueling club regularly to earn a consistent amount of gold.

Complete Daily Tasks and Explore Solo

By completing daily tasks and engaging in solo exploration, you can accumulate gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Each day, make it a habit to complete the assigned tasks, which often provide you with gold rewards. Additionally, embark on solo adventures to discover hidden treasures and encounter challenges that offer valuable gold.

Take Advantage of Launch Week Rewards

During the launch week of Harry Potter Magic Awakened, the game offers various rewards to players. By participating in the game during this period, you can obtain free golden keys, which grant you a chance to earn legendary cards through the Advanced Study feature. Keep an eye on the launch week rewards and make the most of this opportunity to boost your gold and card collection.

How to Get Gold in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


In Harry Potter Magic Awakened, gold serves as a valuable in-game currency essential for progression and enhancing your card collection. By playing story quests, engaging in duels, completing daily tasks, exploring solo, and taking advantage of launch week rewards, you can quickly accumulate gold in the game. Embrace the magic, immerse yourself in the captivating narrative, and strategize your gameplay to become a skilled wizard while amassing a wealth of gold in Magic Awakened.

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