How to Get Meet your Maker Free

How to Get Meet your Maker Free – With PS Plus Subscription

PS Plus Subscribers... you won a lottery!
PS Plus Subscribers... you won a lottery!

Ohh the Legendary game Meet your Maker is upon us, nearer than we might even imagine. But, did you know how to Get Meet your Maker Free without paying a penny (sort of)?

The Game is available on PC, PS, and Xbox, meaning it is going to have some sort of amazing deal with the subscription service on Play Station and Xbox.

How to Get Meet your Maker Free

Release Date and Purchase

Officially, you can play the game on April 4, 2023. Yes, it’s the release date of the game. You can purchase the game from the PlayStation Store, Steam, and Xbox Store.


There isn’t any real detail on this matter but you can actually get involved in the Multiplayer Co-op of Meet your Maker. In this mode, you can play with other players on different platforms like

How to get Meet your Maker Free with PS Plus

If you are a console gamer, you can just log in to your Play Station Profile and purchase the PS Plus subscription. Then, you can wait for the official launch of Meet your Maker or just add it to your cart.

When the game launches, you will be the first one to experience the game, as well as enjoy it free of cost.


Meet your Maker is an exceptional game available on all major platforms. It is expensive, but it is worth every penny you throw at it. You can actually get Meet your Maker Free of Cost if you have the PS Plus Subscription.

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