[Solved] Palworld on Ultrawide Resolution

How to Get Ore and Ingots in Palworld

In Palworld, gathering essential resources like Ore and crafting Ingots is crucial for your progress in the game. Here’s a simple guide on how to obtain Ore and refine it into Ingots:

Mining Ore

Ore is a fundamental resource that you can find by mining boulders scattered around Palpagos Island. The best locations for mining Ore when starting the game are usually along the paths between different areas. You need a stone pickaxe to mine brown and grey rocks.

How to Get Ore and Ingots in Palworld

How To Craft Crafting Ingots

To turn Ore into Ingots, you’ll need to have access to the technology for a furnace. Ensure that your character reaches at least level ten to unlock the ability to purchase the furnace technology.

Once you have acquired Ore, proceed to craft Ingots using a furnace. Interact with the furnace and choose the Ingot recipe from the menu.

Each Ingot typically requires two units of Ore to produce. The crafting process involves using a Primitive Furnace. Ensure you have one placed and accessible in your gameplay area. The Primitive Furnace requires the assistance of a Kindling Pal to process the Ore into Ingots.

Interact with the Primitive Furnace and select the Ingot recipe. Confirm the use of two Ore for each Ingot, and initiate the crafting process by selecting “Start Production.”

Once the crafting process is complete, collect the Ingots from the Primitive Furnace. These Ingots can be used for various crafting purposes, including creating advanced items and structures.

Final Words

By following these steps, you’ll efficiently gather Ore, refine it into Ingots, and open up new opportunities for crafting and building within Palworld. Remember to explore the game world, mine strategically, and continuously advance your character’s skills and technologies.

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