How to Get Private Exfils in DMZ

How to Get Private Exfils in DMZ

Are you tired of getting ambushed by enemy players when trying to extract from DMZ? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. In Season 3, you can now purchase a Private Exfil, an extraction point that is invisible to enemy players, to ensure a safe and quick escape from the map. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you how to get Private Exfils in DMZ, step by step.

How to Get Private Exfils in DMZ

Hostage Rescue Missions

The first way to safely extract from DMZ is by completing the hostage rescue missions. These missions will reward you with access to an additional chopper, which will make your extract much safer than if you didn’t have it. Plus, these missions can be a lot of fun, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Private Exfils

If you’re looking for an even safer and quicker way to extract from DMZ, you can purchase a Private Exfil. Private Exfils are inactive extraction points that are not visible on the map and will be ignored by enemy players. This makes them a great option for high-priority faction missions or weapon case extractions.

Cost of Private Exfils

Private Exfils are not cheap, costing $50,000 each. That means you’ll need to earn a lot of cash before purchasing one. But if you’re looking to win big and survive, it’s definitely worth the investment.

How to Get Private Exfils in DMZ

Finding Buy Stations

To purchase a Private Exfil, you’ll need to find a Buy Station on the map that offers this option. These stations can usually be found in major POIs, so keep an eye out for them as you explore the map.

Purchasing Private Exfils

Once you’ve found a Buy Station that offers Private Exfils, head to the store and click on the Private Exfil button in the top left corner of the gear purchases screen. This will bring up the purchase screen, where you can select the Private Exfil option and complete your purchase.

Using Private Exfils

Once you’ve purchased a Private Exfil, an extraction point will appear on the tac map, marked in yellow. You can then wait for the evac chopper to arrive and board it before you exfil from the DMZ like you normally would. Just be sure to coordinate with your squad before using a Private Exfil to ensure everyone is aware of your plan.


Private Exfils are a safe and affordable way to ensure a quick and easy escape from DMZ in Season 3. They’re not an option for every match, so it’s important to plan ahead and earn enough cash to purchase one before heading into a DMZ match. Whether you choose to complete the hostage rescue missions or purchase a Private Exfil, we hope this guide has helped you feel more confident in your ability to safely extract from DMZ. Happy gaming!

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