How to get Spotify Time Capsule 2024

How to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024

Spotify has always been one step further in the future with its new features and lately, the news has been going on for the Spotify Time Capsule 2024. If you are a fan of Spotify, you might have heard about it or you might even be looking for ways How to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024. 

Here in our Guide, we are going to dive deep into the Spotify Playlist in a Bottle feature. In case you didn’t experience the Wrapped Function of Spotify, then this Spotify new Feature is made just for you.

What’s the Playlist in a Bottle Feature of Spotify

This is a Spotify feature that lets you customize songs that you liked and have them stored in a bottle for the whole year. The songs can be more than three and a minimum of three.

Recently Spotify introduced their Time Capsule 2024 which is a tool that asks you various questions and depending on your answer, will make your Musical time Capsule or Custom Playlist of Songs.

There are various containers to choose from, but let’s suppose you chose a Bottle as a container. Then you have to pick around three songs that you like, have them locked up in the capsule, and afterward choose the container of your choice, which is the bottle in our example.

You can’t open the Capsule or Bottle till the following year’s January appears and the obvious reason is that it is a Spotify Time Capsule 2024.

Spotify Playlist in a Bottle

When was Spotify Time Capsule 2024 Introduced

Spotify Time Capsule 2024 is a new feature of this streaming platform. On January 4th, 2023, it started getting available across the globe. Honestly, Playlist in a Bottle by Spotify is one of the most liked features on any social media platform. Unlike Instagram Notes which got a lot of backlash from the community. 

How to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024

To make the Spotify Time Capsule 2024, you need to get the Spotify Playlist in a Bottle and make a custom playlist of your loved songs. In order to get Spotify Time Capsule 2024, you don’t have to do any hard stuff, rather it contains simple steps which we mentioned below in our Steps to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024.

How to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024

Steps to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024

  • Get the latest Spotify App Updates installed
  • Then go to the Playlist in a Bottle in Spotify using your Smartphone.
  • Get your Time Capsule, obviously, the one you like from a Gumball Machine, Lunch Box, Jacket Pocket, Teddy Bear, and Bottle.
  • There are some questions that you have to answer related to the songs.
  • After all the answers are done, you can now seal the Capsule with music inside digitally. 
  • You can also share greeting cards of your choice on socials using #PlaylistinABottle

After everything is done, your Spotify Time Capsule 2024 is made and you may open it only after the following year’s January, which is 2024. It will remind you itself of the Capsule and the music you had inside. 

If you are considering adding more songs to your Capsule, you can also do that by pressing on the “Add Tracks” option. After finishing up, you need to press the “Lock in” button to lock it permanently till January 2024.

Did you know, you can get Spotify Premium Free? Well, check out the steps in our Guide on How to Get Spotify Premium Free for 3 Months.

Final Verdict

Spotify Playlist in a Bottle is a fun concept that the lovers of this streaming platform went crazy after. Yes, it sure does deserve recognition because it is a unique concept but the community doesn’t know fully How to Get Spotify Time Capsule 2024. In this Guide, we tried to tell you about its concept and then how you can get the Playlist in a Bottle feature of Spotify. 

You can choose as many songs as you like but they need to be more than three. After locking in keep in mind that you can’t alter or open it till January 2024 comes. 

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