How to Get Sylph Gloves In FF7 Rebirth (Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth)

How to Get Sylph Gloves In FF7 Rebirth (Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth throws you headfirst into a world brimming with iconic characters, stunning visuals, and intense combat. As you navigate the familiar streets of Midgar, you’ll want to equip your party with the best weapons and gear to conquer the challenges ahead.

One of the weapons you would love to lay your hands on is Sylph Gloves. And in this guide, we will tell you how you can get these gloves.

How to Get Sylph Gloves In FF7 Rebirth (Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth)

Where to Find Sylph Gloves

As you proceed in the story mode reaching to Chapter 3: Deeper into Darkness. In the main scenario named “Where They Lead”, you will enter a Mythril Mine. It is in the Grassland region; you can see the exact location below.

There you will face some of the crawlers of level B and moving further you will face a Crystalline Crab. You should be prepared for this crab because it will give you a little tough time.

After defeating these foes, in the same area, you will see a purple-lit chest on the fence side, near the leaders you can see it in the picture below. Open this chest and you will get the Sylph Gloves.

The amazing thing about these gloves is that you can knock enemies into the air and strike them down to the floor from midair.

Final Words

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Sylph Gloves is a sought-after weapon known for its exceptional power and unique abilities. By going on the quest to obtain this formidable firearm, players can bolster Tifa’s combat capabilities and ensure their success in the challenging battles that lie ahead. So, gear up, explore the Grasslands, and claim the Sylph Gloves to emerge victorious in your adventures in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

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