How to Get the Laser Sight in Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Laser Sight in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, the laser sight is a valuable weapon attachment that enhances your accuracy when using firearms. Equipping your weapon with a laser sight can significantly improve your aiming capabilities, especially during intense combat situations. If you’re wondering how to obtain the laser sight in Sons of the Forest, here’s a simple guide to help you out:

How to Get the Laser Sight in Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Laser Sight in Sons of the Forest

Before going on your laser sight quest, ensure you’re equipped for the journey:

  • Shovel: You’ll need this trusty tool to dig up hidden treasures. Craft one using sticks and stones early on.
  • Stamina and determination: The location requires some exploration and potentially overcoming obstacles. Pack some food and be prepared for a bit of a trek.

Locate the Bunker

The Laser Sight lies hidden in a cave, and fortunately, there’s a handy map to guide you. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Head to the Green Circle: Open your map and locate the green circle in the upper left corner. This marks the general area where the cave is located.
  2. Navigate the Terrain: Start making your way towards the green circle, keeping an eye out for landmarks and using your map for reference. The terrain might be tricky, so be prepared for some climbing and jumping.
  3. Seek the Hidden Entrance: Once you’re close to the green circle, look for a small, inconspicuous opening in the ground. This is the entrance to the cave.

Dig Underground

  1. Dig In: Equip your trusty shovel and start digging at the cave entrance. Be persistent, and you’ll eventually uncover a hidden chamber.
  2. Claim Your Reward: Inside the chamber, you’ll find a chest containing the Laser Sight! Celebrate your success, survivalist!

To equip the laser sight on your weapon, access your inventory and select the firearm you wish to enhance. Navigate to the attachment slots and choose the option to attach the laser sight. Once attached, you’ll notice a laser beam emitted from your weapon when aiming, helping you to target enemies more precisely.

Some Tips To Remember

While the Laser Sight helps with aiming, remember it also blocks some of your vision when aiming with iron sights. Consider using it selectively for specific situations. The Laser Sight is specifically compatible with pistols. It won’t work on other weapons like shotguns or bows.

How to Get the Laser Sight in Sons of the Forest

Final Words

Now go forth, armed with your newfound precision, and dominate the wilderness of Sons of the Forest! Remember, practice makes perfect, so hone your aiming skills and use the Laser Sight strategically to become a true master marksman. Happy hunting!

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