How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC?

How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC?

Do you know what’s better than a game that is already exceptionally good? Definitely, a game that has a ton of mods to make it funnier, enjoyable, and better in nearly all ways. Here’s How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC in case you are wondering what it’s all about.

What are Mods and why use them?

The Mods in games are extensions that you can simply put in the files enabling you to put something more in the game. It can be guns, quests, the ability to fly, making memes, changing character faces, appearance, environment, clothes, cosmetics and you name it.

Heck yeah… you can even change it completely or you can take a u-turn and get the Mods that can fix the game like removing cutscenes, re-shading, adding texture, and so on. You basically get the concept here lad.

Modding in Last of Us Part 1 PC

Best Mods for the Last of Us Part 1 PC

HBO in TLOU Part 1

The Best Mod so far is the HBO The Last of US Series/Movie effects in the TLOU Part 1 PC. Both the legendary, and both are great… but why not add the opening credits from HBO to the game.

No Intro

We can all agree on the fact that we hate the PS Intro that we have to stare at for hours at the start. Yeah, we already know where it came from and who made it please don’t show it again and again. You can remove the intro using this mod.

Reshading the Game

You can optimize the visuals through various mods, turning it into a graphical game you deem fit. It could be more comfortable or it could be brighter, or you can change it in a way that it runs flawlessly on your device.

Then there is this mod that turns the game into a Vibrant Reshade or you can go with the Clean Reshade that simply makes it run easier.

How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC?

There is no hard process here. You just have to open The Last of Us Part 1 Mods from Nexus Mods here. In order to install the ones you like, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Mod
  • Install it
  • Read the description on where to paste the files
  • Go to the installed Mod location
  • Open the Files
  • Copy the folder
  • Paste it at the location mentioned in the file

That’s it!

How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC?


Now you pretty much know How to Get The Last of Us Part 1 Mods for PC. Pretty simply process, you just have to get them from Nexus Mods which are the most credible source for mods. Put the files at the location mentioned. Make sure you restart your PC after that and enjoy!

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