How to Get the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest is a survival game where players are stranded on a mysterious island and must fend off cannibals while trying to escape. One of the most desired items in the game is a Tuxedo which players want to get their hands on this armor suit as soon as possible. You will be thinking how can we get that suit? Worry not, in this blog post, we will discuss where to find the Tuxedo suit in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Tuxedo

You can find Tuxedo in Maintenance A secret underground tunnel or a bunker. But to get inside it you have to first find the main entrance. The hatch will be buried underground, requiring you to do some digging. You will see the hatch once you have dug enough.

First things first, you’ll need a trusty shovel to unearth the bunker’s entrance. Remember, survival and style go hand-in-hand! Check out our guide on finding the shovel in Sons of the Forest for more info.

Location of the Digging Spot

For the digging spot, go to the northeast part of the forest, you can see the exact location in the picture below, this picture will show you the exact map location and the forest view as well. Move around a little bit you will see a shovel icon, asking you to start digging.

Where to Find Tuxedo in the Bunker

Navigate through the hallway and turn right at the first door. Keep going straight, then take a sharp left. You’ll find yourself in a bathroom with… well, let’s just say a not-so-stylish resident. Next to the unfortunate soul, you’ll find a table holding your prize – the Tuxedo!

  • The Tuxedo offers moderate comfort and slight weather protection, making it a decent early-game choice.
  • Combine the Tuxedo with other armor pieces for better protection.
  • Don’t forget to have fun and express your individuality while surviving!

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide will surely help you in finding the suit. Finding the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest can be challenging, but with a bit of exploration, you should be able to locate it. This guide will surely help you in finding the suit.

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