How to Get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability

How to Get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability

V Rising is a thrilling open-world vampire survival game where players go on a dark and challenging journey as a weakened vampire awakening from a deep slumber. If you are a fan of Vampire based games and dark-themed supernatural games, you are going to love V Rising.

As you progress through the game, you’ll get various abilities that can aid you in your quest for power and survival. One such ability is the Veil of Bones, a powerful travel ability that grants you the ability to dash toward your desired direction while eluding nearby enemies for a limited time. In this blog post, we will explore how to get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability so you can dash within the game to evade attacks.

How to Get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability

How to Get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability

Before the latest update, you could simply find and defeat the boss named Goreswine the Ravager. However, after the update, a lot has changed. In order to unlock this unique ability called Veil Of Bones, you need to find a level 47 boss named, Bane of the Shadowblade. After finding him, you need to fight and defeat Bane of the Shadowblade in battle. After defeating this formidable foe, you will unlock this ability alongside human form.

How To Use V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability

Once unlocked, the Veil of Bones ability empowers players with a range of impressive effects.

When activated, this ability enables your character to swiftly dash in the desired direction, effectively evading nearby enemies for a duration of 2.2 seconds.

This provides a tactical advantage like in Valorant, Jett has the ability to dash and fast forward towards the enemy or to avoid the enemy. With this ability, you can evade attacks in V Rising.

Moreover, the Veil of Bones ability enhances your next attack by launching a powerful projectile. This projectile inflicts 75% magic damage and can bounce off up to three targets.

Additionally, it applies the “Amplify” effect, which increases the damage taken by the affected targets by 25% for a duration of 5 seconds. It’s important to note that each bounce reduces the damage of subsequent bounces.

Unlocking and mastering the Veil of Bones ability requires players to overcome challenges, hone their combat skills, and strategize their approach. It’s essential to explore the game world, defeat powerful enemies, and gather resources to progress in V Rising.

How to Get V Rising Veil Of Bones Ability


In V Rising, the Veil of Bones ability represents a significant milestone in a player’s journey. To unlock this formidable ability, defeating Bane of the Shadowblad is the only way to achieve this ability. Once you get it, the Veil of Bones ability grants players the power to dash, elude enemies, and unleash devastating projectiles.

As you navigate the dark and treacherous world of V Rising, unlocking and mastering powerful abilities like the Veil of Bones will be crucial to your success. Good Luck Vampire!

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