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How To Get Wood Tar in Skull and Bones

Wood Tar is a crucial resource in Skull and Bones, essential for crafting various items and upgrading your ship. If you’re wondering how to acquire Wood Tar in the game, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some methods you can use to obtain Wood Tar and enhance your pirate adventures:

Defeating Enemy Ships

One of the primary ways to obtain Wood Tar in Skull and Bones is by engaging and defeating enemy ships.

Keep an eye out for Compagnie ships around the Red Islands or other designated trade routes and areas. Engage them in naval combat, defeat them, and loot their wreckage to collect Wood Tar.

Using your spyglass can help you identify potential targets and increase your chances of getting the resources you need.

How To Get Wood Tar in Skull and Bones

Purchasing from Guérande

Alternatively, you can purchase Wood Tar from Guérande, a village located south of the main starting area in Skull and Bones. For a price of 600 silver coins, you can acquire Wood Tar conveniently from this village.

If you’re in need of Wood Tar and have the coins to spare, this can be a straightforward solution to obtain the resource without engaging in naval battles.

Exploring trade routes and general areas known for enemy ship activity can also lead you to Wood Tar. Sail around the game map, particularly in regions where enemy ships are known to frequent, and keep an eye out for opportunities to engage in combat and collect loot.

By actively exploring and engaging with enemy ships, you can increase your chances of obtaining Wood Tar and other valuable resources.

Final Words

Wood Tar is a valuable resource in Skull and Bones, essential for crafting and upgrading your ship for thrilling pirate adventures.

Whether you prefer engaging in naval combat to collect loot or purchasing resources from villages, there are various ways to obtain Wood Tar in the game.

By utilizing the methods mentioned above and exploring the game world, you can ensure a steady supply of Wood Tar to fuel your pirate escapades in Skull and Bones.

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