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How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2

In the unforgiving world of Remnant 2, survival depends on your skill, strategy, and, most importantly, your arsenal of powerful weapons. Among the array of lethal options, the XMG57 Bonesaw stands out as a formidable long gun designed for prolonged suppressive fire. If you’re eager to wield this mighty weapon and rain down destruction upon your foes, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2.

How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2

How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2

The XMG57 Bonesaw is a sought-after weapon due to its impressive power and unique characteristics. There are two ways to obtain this formidable long gun, and we’ll explore each option in detail:

Medic Class Starter Kit

If you choose the Medic class at the beginning of your Remnant 2 journey, you’re in luck! The XMG57 Bonesaw is included in the Medic’s starter kit, granting you immediate access to this potent weapon. Once acquired, be sure to upgrade and modify it to enhance its capabilities further.

Purchase from Brabus in Ward 13

Alternatively, if you didn’t start as a Medic or wish to explore other class options, you can still acquire the XMG57 Bonesaw. Head to Ward 13 and seek out Brabus, who now serves as a merchant. For 1000 scrap, he will gladly sell you the XMG57 Bonesaw, giving you another path to wield this mighty long gun.

Stats and Advantages of the XMG57 Bonesaw

The XMG57 Bonesaw is a versatile and deadly weapon with several advantages to offer. Here are some of its key stats and characteristics:

  • Damage: 12
  • Rate of Fire (RPS): 9.5
  • Magazine Capacity: 150 rounds
  • Accuracy: Ideal Range 19m, Falloff Range 45m
  • Max Ammo: 300 rounds
  • Critical Hit Chance: 10%
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus: 100%
  • Stagger Modifier: 0%

This experimental infantry support weapon is designed for sustained suppressive fire, making it highly effective in dealing damage over time. As you hold down the trigger, the XMG57 Bonesaw becomes increasingly accurate, making it well-suited for medium-range engagements where continuous firepower is essential.

How to Get XMG57 Bonesaw in Remnant 2

Final Words

The XMG57 Bonesaw is a coveted long gun in Remnant 2, revered for its potent suppressive capabilities and destructive power. Whether you opt for the Medic class or seek to purchase it from Brabus in Ward 13, this weapon promises to be a game-changer in your arsenal. As you venture forth into the treacherous world of Remnant 2, wield the XMG57 Bonesaw with skill and precision to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Harness its suppressive might and carve your path to victory, emerging as a force to be reckoned with in this action-packed adventure.

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