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How to Heal a Broken Bone in Palworld

Palworld introduces the fascinating challenge of caring for your Pals, and when fractures occur, it’s crucial to know how to heal them. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to mend your Pals’ fractures, ensuring they’re back on their feet and ready for more adventures.

How to Heal a Broken Bone in Palworld

Palbox Retreat

The simplest method to treat a fracture is to give your injured Pal a break. Return them to the Palbox, a safe haven where Pals can recover over time.

How to Heal a Broken Bone in Palworld

Medieval Medicine Workbench

Unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench by reaching Technology Level 12. Craft this useful facility with 30 wood, 5 nails, and 10 Paldium Fragments.

The Medieval Medicine Workbench is a game-changer for healing various injuries, including fractures.

How to Heal a Broken Bone in Palworld

Final Words

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to heal fractures in Palworld, dive into the game and take care of your Pals. Whether you choose the tranquility of the Palbox, the sophistication of the Medieval Medicine Workbench, or a combination of methods, your Pals will appreciate your attentive care. Happy healing in the whimsical world of Palworld!

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