How To Increase Pass Accuracy In NBA 2K23

How To Increase Pass Accuracy In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is all about replicating the feel of real basketball, and nothing’s more satisfying than threading the needle with a perfect pass to set up a teammate. If sloppy passes are ruining your flow, it’s time to level up your passing game! Here’s how to boost your accuracy and become a true playmaking wizard on the virtual court.

Why Pass Accuracy Matters

How To Increase Pass Accuracy In NBA 2K23

No matter how good your scorers are, they can’t hit shots if the ball never gets to them. Accurate passing breaks down defenses, creates easy buckets, and keeps your offense flowing like water. Plus, let’s be honest, a perfectly timed pass is just a beautiful thing to pull off in the game.

How to Get Your Passes on Target

Stats and Skills 

In NBA 2K23, your passing accuracy attribute is king, but it’s not the whole story. Agility and quickness let you create passing lanes and zip the ball around before the defense reacts.

Bagged Up

Badges like Break Starter, Bail Out, and Needle Threader are game-changers. They let you pull off amazing passes under pressure or squeeze the ball into tight spaces.

Play Smart

Don’t force risky passes. Look for the open teammate, time your passes right, and pick a passing style that suits the way you like to play.

The Path to Passing Greatness

Hit the Gym…Er, The Court

Practice makes perfect! MyCareer games, drills, even messing around in The City will help your passing skills naturally improve.

Put in the Points

Every time you level up, you get attribute upgrade points. Don’t neglect that Pass Accuracy stat!

Master the Mechanics

Learn how the different passing types work (bounce passes, lobs, etc.). Knowing when to use the right pass is just as important as accuracy.

The ‘Glue Hands’ badge is gone in NBA 2K23, so keeping your Pass Accuracy above 70 is extra important. You might get away with 65, but it’s riskier!

Final Words

Becoming a top-tier passer takes time and dedication. Keep practicing, focus on the fundamentals of good passing, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your playstyle. Soon, you’ll be dishing out dimes like your favorite NBA star!

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