How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

Starfield is no doubt massive and that brings us with several mechanisms to drool over. One of these mechanisms is stealing, just going around and taking others’ stuff without them knowing. This mechanism is a separate trait of its own in the game and you have several other mechanics attached as well. But, every time you enter a major location like Akila, Atlantis, or Neon, you will get scanned alongside your ship. Either you have contraband or stolen items, you are going to get caught here. Either you get a bounty on your head or your items are going to be removed. But, did you know there is a method that is quite simple and effective? Through this, you can basically remove the tag of stolen goods and get to keep them as well. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you all the details on How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield.

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Introduction to Starfield

Starfield is sometimes referred to as one of the most anticipated games of 2023. Some even refer to it as Game of the Decade. In either case, the titles given to this game speak for themselves.

Starfield was developed by the masters themselves, going by the name of “Bethesda Games Studios”, and published by “Bethesda Softworks”, who are known to create some other masterpieces like Fallout, Skyrim, and Can’t Forget Doom.

Taking place in a Space Theme this time, you have a futuristic world. This means you can travel from one planet to another in a completely different environment and time.

On top, you have your very own futuristic equipment like Space Ships, and vehicles used to travel on grounds/air. You start the game as a miner, who works in the Settled Systems, as Exploration was done in the past.

But, you are different, as you love to explore things and discover something completely new on your own. Each path you take in the game will pave a different route for you. So make up your mind before you jump into anything.

How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

Before sharing with you the trick, it is always important to mention that it depends mainly on the item you have stolen. Sometimes, it does cost you credits to clean stolen goods in Starfield. By following the method, you can also sell contrabands in Starfield as well. It is the most effective and effortless method to sell contraband. Let’s get to the details below.

First of all, you need to search for a Trade Authority but keep in mind that it should be the one without any Scanner or facility to Scan you. One of them is located in the Wolf’s System in Starfield as well. You can find it next to Alpha Centauri on the Space Station ” The Den”.

How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

Get inside the Space Station, to the Trade Authority. Now, the second step here is to Sell the Tradesman your Stolen Goods. Sounds fishy, but you have to do it and proceed to the next step.

You aren’t going to get a ton of cash for these Stolen Items, even if these are some of the most special and expensive things in the game. That’s one thing to remember beforehand.

The third step here is to back off a bit and again talk to the Vendor. Select the option of seeing what’s for Sale.

How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield

After you check the List of items in the Vendor’s Inventory, you can see that the Stolen Goods are for sale again. You will notice that now they aren’t marked as stolen. But, the drawback here is that it is going to cost you a ton of money this time.

That’s How to Keep Stolen Items in Starfield, but you will have to give a ton of cash in exchange for them to be cleaned.

How to Sell Contrabands in Starfield

Now, the next thing we are going to share with you is How to Sell Contrabands in Starfield. Take into the record the location we mentioned above, as it is also great for Selling Contrabands in Starfield.

How to Sell Contrabands in Starfield

Get to the Olympus Designation and then proceed to the Casino. Take it to the trader and he will buy the Contrabands for a decent amount of Credits.

That’s all the details on the topic and now you can become a Smuggler or a Thief very effortlessly in Starfield.

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