How To Launch A Nuke in Fallout 76

How To Launch A Nuke in Fallout 76

Going on the journey to launch a nuclear missile in Fallout 76 can be both thrilling and challenging. Whether you’re a newcomer to the game or an experienced player seeking a refresher, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to unleash the power of a nuclear explosion in the wasteland.

How To Launch A Nuke in Fallout 76

Join the Enclave and Acquire Biometric ID

Your first task is to become a member of the Enclave faction. Head to the Whitespring resort and locate the Enclave Bunker. Once inside, activate the code pad to unlock the bunker doors. This will grant you access to the Enclave’s facilities, where you’ll need to complete various quests to earn your Biometric ID.

Collect Nuclear Silo Code Fragments

To launch a nuke, you’ll need the launch code, and it’s scattered across the wasteland in the form of Nuclear Silo Code Fragments. These fragments are often guarded by tough enemies, so gear up and prepare for combat. Once you have all the code fragments, you can decrypt the launch code using external resources like

Gain Access to the Silos

After obtaining the launch code, your next objective is to gain access to one of the three nuclear silos: Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie. Each silo is located in a different region of the map. Head to the chosen silo and be ready to face challenging enemies and solve puzzles to progress through its interior.

Initiate Launch Prep

Once inside the silo’s control room, locate the terminal and select “Initiate Launch Prep.” This will trigger an automated repair process by Section Chief bots. Stay vigilant, as enemies may attempt to hinder your progress during this stage.

Defend the Control Room

As you initiate the launch prep, be prepared for a wave of enemies trying to sabotage your mission. Work strategically to fend them off and protect the control room. Cooperation with fellow players can be beneficial during this intense phase.

Launch the Nuke

With the launch prep complete and enemies defeated, return to the terminal and select the option to “Launch the Nuke.” Choose your desired target on the map, and brace yourself for the spectacular aftermath of your destructive actions.

Final Words

Launching a nuke in Fallout 76 is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. By following these steps, you’ll navigate the complexities of acquiring codes, accessing silos, and initiating the launch. Team up with fellow wasteland dwellers for a smoother experience, and unleash the power of nuclear devastation on your chosen target. Good luck, Vault Dweller!

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