How To Make HandGun Ammo in Palworld

How To Make HandGun Ammo in Palworld

Palworld, with its blend of Pal-taming and survival elements, introduces players to a diverse world where crafting plays a vital role. One crucial aspect is crafting ammunition, particularly Handgun Ammo, essential for equipping firearms. In this beginner-friendly guide, we’ll explore the process of crafting Handgun Ammo in Palworld.

Handgun Ammo is a specific type of ammunition used in Handgun within Palworld. Before diving into the crafting process, it’s essential to understand its significance and the weapons it complements.

  • Handguns: Firearms that require Handgun Ammo for operation.
How To Make HandGun Ammo in Palworld

How To Make HandGun Ammo in Palworld

Crafting Handgun Ammo involves gathering specific resources and utilizing the crafting system within Palworld. Follow these steps to create your own Handgun Ammo:

  • Required Level: 29
  • Technology Points Required: 1
  • Items Required:
    • 1 Gun Powder.
    • 1 Ingot.

After gathering these two items, you will be able to make x5 ammo each time you submit these items to the bench. You can make this at the Weapon Assembly Line, High-Quality Workbench, Weapon Workbench, etc.

Spend your Technology Points to unlock the recipe for Handgun. Once at the crafting station, access the crafting menu and navigate to the Handgun Ammo recipe. Ensure you have the necessary resources in your inventory.

Once the crafting is complete, collect the Handgun Ammo from the crafting station. The crafted ammunition will now be available for use.

Final Words

Crafting Handgun Ammo in Palworld is an essential skill that enhances your survival and combat capabilities. By progressing through the Technology Tree, unlocking the required recipes, and gathering the necessary resources, you can ensure a steady supply of Handgun Ammo for your firearms.

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