How to Make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy can be pretty easy sometimes, while you will suffer a lot at other times. Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Missions or Quests are one of those that can cause headaches, but here we have a guide on How to make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Quest Hogwarts Legacy

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Quest Hogwarts Legacy

What you will be needing?

There aren’t many requirements for the quest, but rather you will only have to complete the Polyjuice Plot and that needs to be Level 23. 

What will you be getting?

After you complete the quest “Make your way through the town without benign seen” in Hogwarts Legacy, you will get various rewards including;

  • Death Shadow Enemy Types 3x
  • 260 XP
  • The Hallowed Hero Achievement

What’s the Niamh Fitzgerald Quest about?

In this Quest, San Bakar will be speaking to Professor Fitzgerald. Then, he will see the memory and return to the Map Chamber, meeting with the next Keeper. 

  • You will be accessing the Office of the Headmaster
  • Find the Book there in the office
  • Make your way through the town without being seen
  • Using Cloak
  • Completing Stone Trials
  • Have the memory of Niamh Fitzgerald
  • Return back to the Map Chamber
  • Talk to the New Keeper who arrived

How to Make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy

Starting Niamh Fitzgerald’s Quest

  • Professor Fig will help you turn into the Headmaster Black and learn the House-elf Scrope Password. You will be able to go inside the Hogwarts Tower to the Headmaster’s Office and talk with Professor Fitzgerald Portrait. 
  • Get your Charmed Compass out and use it to reveal a golden wisp trail. Follow the destination and use the password you learned to get into the office
  • Go up the stairs and you will find a book that you have to interact with. The game will turn black and white.

Make your way through the town without being seen

  • From there go down and a Death Cutscene will be triggered. After that, you will use Disillusionment Spell yourself. Your job is to make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • At the position you started from, hide behind the crates that are just on your right side. Just as the Cloaked Figures are checking area sides, you will have to go towards the fallen beam and go under it using your crouch.
  • Continue till you reach the town and find three cloaked figures. On the right side, the figure won’t move but the left one will. When the second will move up, you will have to go up the hill.
  • There is black smoke in the next area which is just behind the barrels and afterward, wait for the death figure to just take a few steps. Till then, you will have to stop and move before you go down the stairs under the mill wheel. Till the Wheel for Death is left, you will have to wait under. Go to the quest marker afterward.
  • Just as in the next area, you will see some death figures flying around the area. Go to them and climb the ladder. You will have to continue and then go to the roof. On the other side drop down and take cover under the small wall.
  • On the right side you will see death figures, let the two of them make a move to the left. Make your way through to wooden crates and carts. 
  • The next path also has death figures and they are present on each side along the stall in the middle. The first of these figures will take a turn and when it happens you have to go behind the stall, repeating that for the other one. You will be continuing the quest by following the quest marker and then again you will see Death.
  • Voila… There are three more death figures there and when it happens you will have to go back towards the way. On your left, you will see a door and through there you will have to enter. 
  • There are stairs behind the door and just before the door, there is a wall at which you have to hide behind.
  • At that exact moment, there will be two death figures who are coming to check the room’s corner. There is also a third one who will walk away. When you start saying “Now it’s your chance” then it is time to continue to the quest marker ahead. 

Getting Elder Wand and Deathly Hollow

  • Now it is time to utilize that Cloak of Invisibility.
  • When you use it, no one can see you. Easily, pass through the gate and alongside the death figures. Congratulations, you cheated death yourself. 
  • At the next quest marker, you can get the elder wand
  • You will be able to use spells after equipping the elder wand, but keep in mind that there are few of them that you can cast. These are Descendo, Bombarda, Depulso, and Diffindo. 
  • There is a wall on your front, you will have to use Bombarda on that wall
  • Passing the town and on the bridge, you will see the death shadows. Kill them and keep in mind that with that beautiful wand of yours, you will have less cooldown. Utilize that to create a chain of spells and reach the next quest marker. 
  • Afterward, you will find the 3rd Deathly Hallow there and also the Stone that is used for Resurrection. You will get your hands on Deathly Hallow!
  • Enter the graveyard and you will again find death. Get to the body that is found on the grave
  • You will have to follow Niamh and she will lead you to the Pensive.
  • Interact to get Niamh’s Memories
  • Go back to the real world, get to the Crystallized Door, and interact to return the Map Chamber
  • Get to the next Quest marker and you will talk to San Bakar, who is the new Keeper.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s how to make your way through the town without being seen in Hogwarts Legacy. We went ahead and compiled this guide to Niamh Fitzgerald’s Quest to help you out. It is a bit tricky, we know about that but by following the appropriate steps and taking into account the enemy movements, you can complete it in no time.


Can you keep the Hallow after Niamh’s Quest?

Yes, you will have the Hallow after Niamh’s Quest.

How to use the Hallow after Niamh’s Quest?

You can use that hollow to create the wand in the game that is utilized later on for the story’s purpose. You can’t use it against enemies, but you can use it for combat specifically related to Fitzgerald’s Trial.

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