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How to Mute the Announcer in The Finals

The Finals, a thrilling multiplayer game, sometimes calls for tuning out the in-game announcer. Whether you seek a quieter gaming experience or wish to focus solely on the gameplay, muting the announcer can be beneficial. Here’s a simple guide on how to silence the announcer in The Finals:

How to Mute the Announcer in The Finals

  • Press Esc to open Settings.
  • Within the Settings menu, look for the ‘Audio’ or ‘Sound’ section. Here, you’ll find various sound-related settings that you can adjust to suit your preferences.
  • Adjust the Dialogue or Announcer volume to mute or lower it.

With the announcer muted, you can now enjoy playing The Finals without their commentary. This allows for a more focused and immersive gaming experience.

How to Mute the Announcer in The Finals

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can successfully mute the announcer in The Finals, tailoring your gaming experience to your preferences and enhancing your immersion in the game world.

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