How to participate in Netflix Squid Game: The Trials?

How to participate in Netflix Squid Game: The Trials?

Netflix’s Squid Game released in 2021 has quickly become one of the biggest shows on the platform. Netflix is not done with the Squid Game universe and there are a lot of fun games and activities in which the fans of the show can participate until the second season releases. Netflix is working on a reality TV show known as “Squid Game: The Challenge“, casting calls for the show was open in June 2022. Just like the original show, 456 players will be competing with each other playing famous children’s games for a cash prize. The reality show was expected to be released last year, but due to the medical issues on the set, the release was delayed and now it will release on November 22, 2023.

But, it is not the only opportunity for the fans of the show to participate in a real Squid Game adventure. Netflix is also working on another real-life project known as Squid Game: The Trials which is being called “an immersive experience in L.A.”. If you are interested in knowing how can you be part of the experience then keep on reading this article.

How to participate in the game?

You can simply become part of an IRL competition with high-tech technology and also get to experience the “Korean Market” just like in the show. There will be sweet and savory food items prepared by the famous Korean-American restaurant, YANGBAN.

All you have to do is book your tickets at The ticket price is 39 dollars. Squid Game: The trials will open on December 6 and the tickets must be booked in advance.

According to the official description of The Experience on Tudum;

“Greetings, Los Angeles. Would you like to play a game with me? I have studied you closely and brought Squid Game to your city, and now I’m seeking worthy competitors who appreciate a good challenge. In this one-of-a-kind, immersive experience, six games will test your character and will to win. Some games may be familiar to you, others will not. Surprises lurk around each corner, challenging even the most capable of players.  If you manage to survive our little game, I invite you to celebrate your success at the Night Market. You can refuel with Korean-inspired food, share a toast with fellow survivors at Gganbu Bar, and find yourself something nice at Squid Mart. Soon enough, it will seem as if it was all just a dream.  So what do you say… game on?” 

Also, there have been similar events hosted by Netflix like The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience, and Stranger Things: The Experience which were appreciated by the fans of the shows. These kinds of events allow the audience to experience their favorite shows in reality and feel connected to the characters increasing the popularity of the shows further.

How to participate in Netflix Squid Game: The Trials?

Is there a Squid Game season 2?

Ever since the first season of the show dropped in 2021 fans have been asking about season 2. Sadly, the first table read for season 2 took place in June 2023. So, it seems like fans would have to wait until late 2024 for the most awaited second season of Squid Game. Netflix has yet to officially announce the release date.

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