How to Play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck - Reddit Guide

How to Play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck – Reddit Guide

Alan Wake 2, one of the best survival horror games of 2023, developed by Remedy Studios, is now available on Steam Deck to play. While the game isn’t available on Steam Launcher for Windows PC users, the game can be played on Steam Deck, barring the demanding hardware to even run the game.

Players started doing some tests and method utilization to try their luck on running Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck, and they finally succeeded. Here is our Reddit guide on how to play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck.

Key Note: One thing to understand is that Alan Wake 2 is a demanding game and a mere hand-held console-like Steam Deck, isn’t able to run the game optimally. The maximum you can go is 30 FPS, and the game even drops below that. Furthermore, you might face Steam Deck Overheating often.

How to Download Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck?

There is more than one method you can try to Download Alan Wake 2 on your Steam Deck, but the recommended and the best one is using the Heroic Launcher.

It is an open-source launcher running on the GOP, Amazon Prime, and Epic Libraries, and play games that you own in each of those.

  • Download Heroic Launcher on Steam Deck
  • Search for Alan Wake 2 in the library
  • Download the game

Before you start the game, download, and install Proton GE option 8 to 21.

How to Play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck – Reddit Guide

Now that you have downloaded Alan Wake 2 on your Steam Deck, following the Reddit Guide, you are ready to install and Play Alan Wake 2 as well.

  • Click on 3 bars beside the play button
  • Open settings
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Winetricks
  • Check default and then press OK
  • Install DLL/Component
  • Press OK again
  • Select dedcompiler_34, and 47
  • Select vcrun2022
  • Press OK again

The game will be installed properly on your system.

Change UMA Buffer to 256M

Turn Off your Steam Deck completely without anything attached and working. Press and hold the Volume Up button and turn the Steam Deck On.

You will be presented to the Bios menu. From here, head to Setup Utility>Advanced>UMA Buffer>Select>256M>Save>Exit.

Start your Steam Deck, and click on play. Alan Wake 2 will start, and you will be presented with some unusual errors on the screen. Don’t worry, just get rid of all of those and start playing the game.

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Alternate Options to Play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck

Using Epic Games Launcher is also an option here that removes the need to install the third-party launcher and extra components. But, you still have to select the UMA Buffer 256M.

That’s how you can follow our Reddit Guide on How to Download and Play Alan Wake 2 on Steam Deck.

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