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How to Port Forward for Enshrouded Server

If you’re diving into the captivating world of Enshrouded and aiming to set up your server, port forwarding is a crucial step to ensure smooth connectivity for both you and your fellow players. Let’s go on a straightforward guide to port forwarding for an Enshrouded server.

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Port Forwarding

Port forwarding involves directing internet traffic from a specific port to a device within your local network, like your gaming PC. For an Enshrouded server, it’s essential to open the necessary ports to facilitate seamless communication.

How to Port Forward for Enshrouded Server

Router Access

  • Open a web browser and enter your router’s IP address in the address bar. Typically, it’s something like or
  • Log in with your router credentials. If you haven’t changed them, check your router’s manual for default login details.
  • Find the port forwarding or virtual server section in your router settings. This location varies among router models.
  • Consult your router’s manual or visit Port Forward for specific instructions.

Add an Enshrouded Rule

  • Create a new port forwarding rule.
  • For Enshrouded, open TCP/UDP ports 15636 and 15637. These are the default ports for the game and Steam query.
  • Assign a static IP address to your gaming PC to ensure consistency.
  • This prevents the IP address from changing, avoiding potential connectivity issues.
  • Save and apply the changes you made to the router settings.

Add an incoming rule to your Windows Firewall to allow TCP/UDP traffic on ports 15636 and 15637. Use a router detector tool to locate your router on your network and confirm that you only have one router in your setup. After port forwarding, test the connectivity of your Enshrouded server. Invite a friend to join and ensure a smooth experience.

Final Words

Port forwarding is the gateway to an enhanced multiplayer experience in Enshrouded. By following these simple steps, you pave the way for seamless connectivity, creating a haven for cooperative adventures in the game’s enchanting world. Now, with your Enshrouded server ready, gather your friends, embark on the journey, and let the tales of survival unfold in this captivating realm.

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