How to prepare for Rowlet Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go

How to prepare for Rowlet Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go

Are you a dedicated Pokemon Go player who is always on the lookout for ways to level up and catch new Pokemon? If yes, you don’t want to miss the Rowlet Spotlight Hour on Tuesday, March 14th.

Spotlight Hours are weekly events in Pokemon Go where a specific Pokemon is featured, and players can earn bonus rewards during a 60-minute window. During the Rowlet Spotlight Hour, you can expect the spawn rate of this adorable Grass/Flying-type starter from the Alola region to be significantly increased. Plus, players can earn double XP when evolving it.

What is this week’s Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour?

If you’re a Pokemon Go player, then you must be aware of the weekly Spotlight Hour event. This week’s event, which takes place on Tuesday, March 14, will feature the popular Alolan starter, Rowlet.

During the event, which runs from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, the spawn rate of Rowlet will be significantly increased. This means that players will have a greater chance of catching and collecting as many Rowlets as possible.

In addition to that, the active bonus for this week’s Spotlight Hour is 2x Evolve XP. This bonus is not only great for players who want to catch Rowlet but also for those who want to evolve their existing Pokemon and earn some extra XP.

March Schedule Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour

Spotlight Hour DatePokemonSpecial BonusCan it be shiny?
March 7Eevee2x Transfer CandyYes
March 14Rowlet2x Evolve XPNo
March 21Litten2x Catch StardustNo
March 28Popplio2x Catch XPNo
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Tips to help you prepare for the Rowlet Spotlight Hour

So, are you ready to make the most of this opportunity? Here are some tips to help you prepare for the Rowlet Spotlight Hour:

Stock Up on Pokeballs and Berries

Make sure you have plenty of Pokeballs and Berries before the event starts. You don’t want to run out of Pokeballs when you finally encounter Rowlet! Using a Pinap Berry before catching a Rowlet will earn you extra Candy while using a Razz Berry will increase your chances of catching it.

Use a Lucky Egg

Using a Lucky Egg before evolving your Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour will double your XP gain. So, make sure you have a Lucky Egg ready to use before evolving your Rowlet.

Use a Star Piece

Using a Star Piece during the Spotlight Hour will increase the amount of Stardust you earn per catch. So, if you’re low on Stardust, this is a great opportunity to stock up.

Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

You don’t want to miss out on catching a lot of Rowlets because you ran out of storage space! Make sure you have enough space in your Pokemon storage before the event starts.

Take Advantage of the Increased Spawn Rates

During the Spotlight Hour, Rowlet will be spawning more frequently than usual. So, make sure you’re in an area with a lot of Pokestops and Gyms to increase your chances of encountering Rowlet.

Final Words

The Rowlet Spotlight Hour is a great chance for players to catch and evolve this popular Pokemon. And if you miss out on the Rowlet event, don’t worry – the final Spotlight Hour for March 2023 will feature Popplio, the last Alolan starter. This Water-type Pokemon will spawn everywhere on the map during the event and reward you with twice the XP when catching it.

During each Spotlight Hour event, the featured Pokemon will have its spawn rate increased, giving players a greater chance to catch as many as they can. In addition to that, each event comes with its own unique bonus, which can help players level up faster or earn more Candy, Stardust, or XP.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to participate in these exciting Spotlight Hour events throughout March 2023!

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