How to Remove Friends in Bondee App

How to Remove Friends in Bondee App: A Step-by-Step Guide

The New 3D Virtual World – Bondee is getting much attention now. All Social Media lovers are using it and exploring their Friends’ Options. But, just like any new thing that pops off, there are always difficulties in doing specific tasks and one of them is How to Remove Friends in Bondee App?

Well, we are here for that exact reason. It is all about making friends, Scanning QR Codes and there is a limit to how much you can keep in your Bondee Profile. Therefore, Removing Friends in Bondee is also essential. This Step-by-Step Guide will help you out in Removing Friends in Bondee.

What’s Bondee all About?

What’s Bondee is all about?

Suppose you are someone new to the application. Bondee App is a Social Network App that makes a 3D Virtual World for you, lets you represent yourself as an Avatar, and then socialize with others. You can hang out with your Friends and do some crazy stuff.

But, keep in mind that there is a Limitation on how many Friends you can make in the Application. There are around 50 as the maximum that you can make at a time in Bondee.

You can do Live Messaging with Friends, put Status to let them know what are your thoughts and what are you up to. You get a Personal Space, where you can make the 3D as you like.

That being said, you can only enjoy yourself here when you are with Friends. There is a Limit of 50 and when you reach it you can’t make new friends. To Tackle that, you need to Remove Friends in Bondee App. Follow on through this Guide on How to Remove Friends in Bondee.

How to Remove Friends in Bondee App?

How to Remove Friends in Bondee App
  • In order to do so, you will have to get to your “Profile” and from there you need to View “Friends”
  • From there, you need to select the Friend whom you want to Remove
  • Press the “Three Dots”
  • Select “Unfriend” two times

Simple as that! Your Friend is Removed from your Profile in Bondee App. Keep in mind that you can’t talk with someone or see the status of who is Removed as a Friend.

Step-By-Step Guide on Removing Friends in Bondee App

Step-By-Step Guide on Removing Friends in Bondee App

If you are still having trouble, follow this Step-By-Step Guide.

Selecting Friend

  • Open the “Bondee App” and Log into your Profile
  • There is a Profile Icon on the screen which can be found at the Navigation bar on the Bottom
  • Press on “Friends” and you can see all of them
  • Select the one you want to Remove

Removing Friend

Now that you know how to Find the Friend you wanted to Remove

  • Press on the “Three Dots” on the Profile of Friend
  • Tap “Unfriend” there
  • Again Tap “Unfriend” to confirm the removal of Friend in the Bondee App

Voila, you successfully Removed the person from your Friends List in Bondee. Just make sure to Unfriend Twice.

Final Verdict

Adding Friends in Bondee App might be a nightmare, but Removing them is quite easy. Here’s a complete Guide on How to Remove Friends in Bondee App to help you out. As a side note, don’t let the limit reach 50 because it is hard to unfriend your loved ones.

Double-check the Unfriend Option after selecting of Friend you wanted to Remove. After that, you won’t be able to interact with that person or see the status.

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