How to See Instagram Password (While Logged In)

How to See Instagram Password (While Logged In)

Everyone can forget their Instagram Password at any instance without having any guess what the actual password is going to be. The reason is fairly simple; Android and iOS make it effortless for the apps to save the login data on the smartphone. So, the next time you log into your Instagram App, you won’t have to remember and put in your password, rather the smartphone app will do it for you.

But, there are instances when you have to put in your Instagram Password yourself, without the app automatically recognizing. One of the most notable instances is reinstalling the app, logging out, changing the device, and so on.

It is quite hard to have multiple passwords remembered at the same time, as there are a ton of social media apps and profiles for each individual. Nevertheless, most of us have multiple accounts on the same social media profile, making it impossible to remember all of the details, especially the passwords.

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Reset your Instagram Password!

To get around the issue of forgetting your Instagram Password, you can just select the option of Forgot Password while logging in. There are going to be various screen instructions. Follow them to reset your Instagram Password.

Already Logged into Instagram!

But, what if you are already logging into Instagram and Forget your Password? You wouldn’t want to re-login, knowing that you forgot the password, right? At that moment, the only thing that comes to your mind is How to See Instagram Password?

This is the reason we compiled this guide, as users were facing this issue commonly. Let’s get to the details of Setting your Instagram Password While Logging in on Android and iOS.

How to See Instagram Password (While Logged In)

How to See My Instagram Password?

All the saved passwords are automatically saved on your smartphone, whether you are using an iPhone or Android. The details are available in a list form where you can check out all the passwords for all the apps and sites you have saved.

But, how to check out the saved passwords?

Checking Instagram Saved Password on iPhone iOS

You can check the Instagram Password on your iPhone using the steps below;

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Proceed to Passwords
  • Find

Check the password there.

Checking Instagram Saved Password on Android

You can check the Instagram Password on your Android using the steps below;

  • Go to Settings
  • Then proceed to Google Account
  • Go to Manage Your Google Account
  • Then, go to Security
  • Proceed to the Password Manager

You will find all the passwords listed there for each account.

How to Check Instagram Password on iPhone

To see your Instagram Password on an iOS device, you will have to first open the phone settings and from there, head over to the tab that says Passwords.

From there, you have to find the heading and then press on that. There are going to be all the details on the password and username here. But, before you proceed, you will be asked to put in your touch, passcode, or show your Face ID.

Copy the password from there and save it somewhere safe. There are chances that you might not find while checking the password, as there is an auto-login through Facebook. Therefore, you will have to find instead.

  • On your iPhone, go to the settings app
  • Then search for Password there
  • Tap on the Passwords
  • Search for Instagram or Facebook

Tap on that to show your Instagram Password on your iPhone. Tap and hold on to the password to copy it.

How to Check Instagram Password on Android

On your smartphone based on Android Operating System, you will have to go through various steps. First of all, you need to go to the settings. In the options, you will find the Manage your Google Account option.

Head inside and from there go to the security tab, and then the Password Manager. All the details related to your username and password are going to be saved there.

  • Unlock Android
  • Go to Phone Setting
  • Head down to Google
  • Then press on Manage your Google Account
  • Tap on Security
  • Scroll Down and find Password Manager

Tap on that to view all your details including the Instragram Password.


Cloud technology has enhanced to the extent that all your personal information like Instagram Password is saved on the smartphone through the app. We don’t have to memorize the passwords or usernames for various accounts and apps, as the smartphone does for us. But, sometimes we need the password for the account before logging out, as it will disable the automatic login.

How to see that Instagram Password? The same automatic password input is saved on the Password Manager for iPhone and Google Password Manager for Android. Check out the guide to learn each step on How to See Instagram Password (While Logged In).

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