How to solo complete Tier 3 Act 3 "Storm the Castle" in COD MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

How to solo complete Tier 3 Act 3 “Storm the Castle” in COD MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

In Act 3 Tier 3, you will face a strange and undeniably hard mission “Storm the Castle”. Unlike other missions, it takes four rounds to complete including clearing a camp, taking the stronghold, killing the warlord, and finally taking the research. This 3-step process makes this mission so hard. Here in this guide, we will show you how to solo complete MW3 Tier 3 Act 3 Mission “Storm the Castle”.

In this Tier 3 Act 3 Mission “Storm the Castle”, you will have to:

  • Clear a Merc camp
  • Clear the Merc stronghold
  • Kill the warlord
  • Take the gathered Strauss’s research from the warlord

Let’s get into the details on how to do all of this solo in Storm The Castle Mission.

Clearing Merc Camp and Merc Stronghold

This step is no doubt quite easy to do in every similar mission out there. Each POI (Point of Interest) will drop a key card that is used to access the higher level.

But before you go onwards, you need to make sure you get the notification of clearing the area.

Clearing Merc Camp and Merc Stronghold in Act 3 Tier 3 Strom the Castle Mission - COD MW3 Zombies

The above steps were for the Merc Camp. But moving onwards to the Merc Stronghold, you don’t get the notification that it has been cleared.

But as a symbol, you will be given the task of killing the warlord. To find the warlord in Tier 3 Act 3 “Storm the Castle” mission of MWZ (Modern Warfare 3 Zombies), you will have to move to the Tier 2 Zone, right of the resort.

Destroying the Helicopter

We recommend taking a “Pack A Punch” weapon with you there, as you will also face an Attack Helicopter here, and there is no cover. So, you need a powerful weapon with you to destroy that Helicopter as quickly as you can.

You can also take a launcher here to get the Helicopter in “Storm the Castle Mission”. Don’t stick to the walls of the fortress here because the enemies will start shooting at you and also will throw grenades that make it impossible to survive.

Heading to the Fortress and Destroying the Helicopter in Act 3 Tier 3 Strom the Castle Mission - COD MW3 Zombies

Head Inside Fortress and Building

After the Helicopter is destroyed, you will have to run towards the middle of the building. Be careful, here you will find elite enemies that can kill you quite effortlessly.

In the corners, there are also some sentry guns. You can bypass them by sneaking into the middle area and pushing up from there.

When you are literally inside the fortress, you might want Death Perception and Juggernog, to not only see through walls for obvious reasons but also have more health at your disposal.

In the building, you will see many shielded enemies, so be prepared. Also, be mindful of the dummies as they can flash you upon destruction, and some traps can get you killed.

While you are inside the building, you might want to do things quickly because reinforcement choppers will start running at you in no time alongside more mercenaries.

Find and Kill the “Storm The Castle” Warlord

After you take care of everything inside the building’s first floor, you need to head to the second floor. More enemies are waiting for you here. The warlord is located on the second floor of the Fortress in MW3 Zombies Tier 3 Act 3 “Strom the Castle” Mission.

One thing to note here is that the warlord is using a fire shotgun. Therefore, you mindfully should never get close to the Warlord, otherwise, he will one-shot you.

Getting Strauss’s Research

Finally, after killing the Warlord, you will find Strauss’s Research in the same room, meaning on the second floor of the fortress building.

Getting Strauss's Research - Solo Completing the Fortress Mission - Tier 3 Act 3 "Storm The Castle" in COD MW3 (Modern Warfare 3 Zombies)

Alternate Method

If you are having trouble Solo Completing the Fortress Mission – Tier 3 Act 3 “Storm The Castle” in COD MW3 (Modern Warfare 3 Zombies), you can wait for the Storm to appear and roll over the entire area, killing all the enemies in return.

Then, you can come to the Fortress, and pick up Strauss’s Research.

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