How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4

How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4

In the world of Diablo 4, wielding various weapons can be key to battling demons effectively. Yet, swapping between weapons mid-fight might seem like a puzzle. Unlike previous Diablo games, there’s no direct button for this in Diablo 4. But fear not, adventurers! Here’s how you can swiftly switch your weapons in the heat of battle.

How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4

Weapon swapping in Diablo 4 is closely linked to your character’s skills. Hover over a skill in the Hotbar and press the middle mouse button (PC) or X/Square (console) to see the available weapons for that skill. Once equipped, your character automatically uses the associated weapon in combat.

How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4

For Barbarians, each skill aligns with a specific weapon type. For instance, Bash needs a blunt weapon while Flay requires a slashing one. Using certain skills enables you to quickly toggle between weapon types:

  • Frenzy: Instantly equips all dual-wielding weapons.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Shifts to your two-handed bludgeoning weapon.
  • Dual Swing: Attacks with your dual-wielding weapon set.

So, let’s say you’re a Barbarian with a blunt weapon and dual-wield weapons equipped. Using Frenzy will activate your dual-wield set, while Hammer of the Ancients will switch you to your club. Simple, right?

The Rule for All Classes

This rule applies to any class that can wield multiple weapons and uses skills tied to specific weapon types. Ensure your skill build aligns with your strongest weapons. Otherwise, you might find yourself wielding a weaker weapon during crucial battles!

Embrace the Power of Respec

Don’t fret if you make mistakes. You can easily reset and respec your skills. This way, you can focus on skills that complement your best weapons until you upgrade others.

How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4


While weapon swapping might initially seem perplexing, understanding its connection to skills is the key. By employing the right skills, you can swiftly switch between weapons, maximizing your damage output in battles. Craft a skill set that harmonizes with your strongest weapons and be open to respeccing as needed. With these strategies, you’ll bravely face the monsters and demons of Diablo 4 with confidence!

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