How to Take a Picture of Solar Eclipse 2024 With Your iPhone

How to Take a Picture of Solar Eclipse 2024 With Your iPhone

A total solar eclipse? That’s a bucket list moment. The sky going dark in the middle of the day? It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie! And capturing that with your iPhone? That’s a mission worth accepting. But here’s the deal: eclipses are tricky to photograph well. Let me guide you on how you can capture photo of solar eclipse using your iPhone.

How to Take a Picture of Solar Eclipse 2024 With Your iPhone

Safety First (For You and Your Phone!)

  • Eclipse Glasses are Non-Negotiable: No squinting, no sunglasses – you need those special eclipse glasses to look at the sun safely, even during an eclipse. Only take them off for the few minutes of totality!
  • Protect That Lens: Turns out the sun can fry more than your eyeballs. Tape a lens from your eclipse glasses over your iPhone camera as a filter for protection.

Level Up Your Photo Game (Optional, But Awesome)

You can definitely get some cool shots with just your iPhone and those trusty glasses. But here’s some gear that’ll take things to the next level:

  • Tripod for the Win: Keeps your phone super steady, especially if you zoom in. No more blurry eclipse pics!
  • Remote Shutter is Key: Click that camera button without accidentally jiggling the phone. Some apps have built-in timers, or you can even use your Apple Watch for hands-free snapping.

The Secret to Epic Eclipse Photos

The sun’s not going anywhere. Use those days leading up to the eclipse to nail your settings:

  • No Auto Mode Allowed: Your phone’s camera wants bright photos, but that’s no good for eclipses. Play with manual focus and exposure to find the sweet spot.
  • Figure Out Where to Point: Websites like NASA’s can tell you exactly where the eclipse will be at a given time, so you can plan the perfect angle.
How to Take a Picture of Solar Eclipse 2024 With Your iPhone

It’s an Experience, Not Just a Photo

The moment of totality is mind-blowing, but don’t forget the rest!

  • Changing Light = Cool Pics: How does the world look as more and more of the sun gets covered? Those weird shadows, the dimmed colors…it’s photography gold!
  • Don’t Forget the Human Element: Capture all the reactions – the awe, the confusion, even your dog looking super bewildered as it gets dark for no reason
  • The Cheesy (But Necessary) Eclipse Selfie: Gotta prove you were there, right?

Take a Picture of Solar Eclipse 2024

  1. Be in the path of totality for the maximum “woah” factor.
  2. Glasses on, phone filter taped, tripod set up, let’s do this!
  3. Focus on the sun, and adjust exposure until it looks just right.
  4. Photos of the crowd, the weird lighting…it all tells the story.
  5. It’s easy to focus on getting the shots, but remember to look up and soak in the amazingness.

Final Words

And hey, even if your photos are a little wonky, the memory of seeing a solar eclipse in person is something special. Alright, are you psyched for this? Got any creative shot ideas planned?

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games