How to Transfer Resident Evil 4 Remake Files from HDD to SSD in Steam

How to transfer Hogwarts Legacy Files from SSD to HDD in Steam

In Steam, you will find various library folders. This enables you to make a decision on which folder to choose while downloading games. There is still one notch up this and you can Migrate the game files from one drive to another without downloading them from the beginning. Well, here’s how to Transfer Hogwarts legacy Files from SSD to HDD in Steam.

Why Migrate Hogwarts Legacy Steam Files?

The obvious reason is that you don’t have to do the whole process of uninstalling and reinstalling the game from start. You also won’t even have to worry about the corrupted drive or when you got a new one.

Hogwarts Legacy is various types of issues that can be solved by shifting files from SSD to HDD. You can use the Steam Files Migration to do that without having to worry about passing through lengthy procedures.

Transfer Hogwarts Legacy Files from SSD to HDD in Steam

How to transfer Hogwarts Legacy Files from SSD to HDD in Steam

Making Steam Library Folder

Where the Hogwarts Legacy is already installed in Steam, there will be Library Folder. But, when you are looking to transfer that to another folder, you will have to make another Steam Library Folder there.

  • Go to Steam
  • Then click on Settings
  • Go to the Downloads tab
  • Find the Steam Library Folder and click on that
  • Now click on Plus Button on top

Select the HDD drive you want to shift the Hogwarts Legacy files to and then click on Add.

Migrating Game Files

You can use the Steam Storage Manager Window. Select the Hogwarts legacy game drive where it is installed. You will find a box next to it and then click on Move. Select the Steam Library you created in the HDD.

It will take some time for the Migration to finish from SSD to HDD and after some time you can enjoy the game as you do.


Well, here are the complete steps for How to transfer Hogwarts Legacy Files from SSD to HDD in Steam. Follow the steps below to make sure you are on the right path.

  • Create Steam Library in the HDD you want to transfer the Hogwarts Legacy game to
  • Use the Storage Manager Window to transfer the Files in SSD to HDD

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