How to Transfer Save Files from PS4 to PS5

How to Transfer Save Files from PS4 to PS5

PS4... your time's up!

PS4... your time's up!

Are you again stuck in the process of transferring the files from one thing to another, but with consoles? Well, here’s our guide on How to Transfer Save Files from PS4 to PS5 for your personal needs.

Playstation has been going wild recently with all of those beautiful games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Diablo 4, Hogwarts and you name it. All of these are playable on PlayStation 4 but why not enjoy superior graphics and more fps on the latest PS5?

Well, if you are one of those fellows who played a few games on PS4 and want to shift those saved files to their brand-new PS5, then carry on with this guide.

Shifting Data from PS4 to PS5

Before you Shift the Data

  • Make sure that both consoles have the same account logged in on them
  • Double check on their updates and again make sure PS4 is up to date
  • Sync the data through a PS4 controller like Trophies under the Playstation Network sync

Transferring Game Save Files from PS4 to PS5

There are three methods that you can utilize to shift data from PS4 to PS5. Here are all of them listed.

How to Transfer Save Files from PS4 to PS5

Cloud Storage

If you are a plus member on Play Station, you can use Cloud Storage to shift game save files to PS5.

  • Go to the settings
  • Select the Saved Data option
  • Then go to Game or App Settings
  • Press on the PS4 Saved Data
  • Choose Cloud Storage
  • Download to Console Storage option


It is quite a hard process to do but gets the job done anyways if you don’t have a membership for PS Plus.

  • Go to Settings
  • Press on Application Saved Data Management
  • Again, press on Saved Data in System Storage
  • Click on the option that says USB Storage Device
  • Select the Save Files
  • Proceed and wait for the transfer to complete
  • Unplug the USB and put it on your shiny PS5
  • Go to Settings on PS5
  • Select Saved Data from PS4
  • Press on USB Drive
  • Copy to USB Storage Device

Through Transfer Data

Last but not least, the final method is to use Data Transfer. For that, you can accompany both the wireless and the wired connection.

  • Power both consoles
  • Go to the settings of PS5
  • Then to System Software
  • Press on Data transfer
  • Select PS4 for the data that you need to transfer
  • A message will show up on PS5 with the preparation
  • Press the PS4 Power Button and hold it till a beep
  • Select the Data
  • Start the transfer

Keep in mind that PS5 will automatically restart.

Final Verdict

That’s it! That’s How to Transfer Save Files from PS4 to PS5. It is a simple process where you can utilize three methods. Our recommendation is to go with the Cloud if you have the PS Plus Membership, which you actually might have, otherwise go with the other two.

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