How to Turn off Name Censoring in Elden Ring

How to Turn off Name Censoring in Elden Ring

Players just want to make others laugh and have a good day by seeing their name on steam. But, to one’s own surprise, there is a Censoring Feature on Elden Ring that blurs out your name and instead shows the star sign. No one for sure knows How to Turn off Name Censoring in Elden Ring, but here we are, trying out the luck.

What’s Name Censoring like in this game?

Censoring is the act of blurring out the inappropriate things, either in an image, or in a video. Elden Ring has that on texts because some players have offensive or inappropriate names.

Instead of some random text like “AAAAAA” it will show the other player “******”. Notice the difference? Well, you won’t because the game shows you letters instead of stars.

How to know if your name’s been censored?

Just start a game with a friend or a fellow Elden Ring player. Then, ask him what he sees in the name. If he says some random stars, then you have it censored mate. That’s the only way to check it!

How to Turn off Name Censoring in Elden Ring

Previously, there was a way to Turn Off Censoring in Elden Ring by messing around with some files. But all of that has changed now with the EAC.

It is aggressive mate, and even censors the “Echo” to “Ec**” which shows how in depth it checks your name.

The only way to turn it off is basically playing with the algorithm. You can put the name with different spellings or use another language to assist you in that case.

Like, you can put “Brass” as “Br@ss” or something like that for other things.


The only way to turn off the Name Censoring in Elden Ring is to simple use another language for that word or use symbols and different spellings instead. You can’t actually turn it off now because of the EACs Aggressive behavior.

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