How To Upgrade Weapons in FF7 Rebirth- Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Weapons Upgrade Guide

How To Upgrade Weapons in FF7 Rebirth- Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Weapons Upgrade Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth delivers a stunning continuation of Cloud Strife’s story, along with a whole new way to customize your combat experience. The classic weapon upgrade system has been replaced with a flexible new method that lets you shape your team’s fighting styles to suit your preferences. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about upgrading your weapons in FF7 Rebirth.

Unlike the FF7 Remake, Rebirth doesn’t have a simple weapon level that increases over time. Instead, there are two main components to focus on:

How To Upgrade Weapons in FF7 Rebirth- Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Weapons Upgrade Guide

SP (Skill Points)

SP is earned after each battle and acts like experience points for your weapon upgrades. Crucially, you have a single pool of SP to spend across all your weapons. This lets you focus on the ones you use the most!

Weapon Skills and Stat Boosts

Each weapon comes with its own unique upgrade board. As you use that weapon, you’ll unlock new skills (think special attacks and abilities) and basic stat improvements, like increased attack power or better magic stats.

How To Upgrade Weapons in FF7 Rebirth

Ready to make your party stronger? Here’s how to upgrade your weapons in FF7 Rebirth:

Battle Time! 

The core way to unlock new weapon upgrades is to simply get out there and use those weapons in combat. The more challenging the fights, the more SP you’ll earn to power up your arsenal.

Collect Your SP

After a battle, the game will show you how much SP you’ve earned on your current characters and weapons.

Upgrade Menu

Access the “Upgrades” option from the main menu. From here, choose the weapon you want to improve.

Spend Wisely

You’ll be presented with that weapon’s upgrade board. Each new skill or stat boost has an SP cost, and you’ll see what you’ve unlocked and what’s still locked. Early in the game, focus on upgrading the weapons you use the most!

Equip Those Skills

Unlike stat boosts, Weapon Skills need to be manually equipped from the same Upgrade menu. You have a limited number of slots, so prioritize the skills that make your characters fight the way you want them to.

How To Upgrade Weapons in FF7 Rebirth- Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Weapons Upgrade Guide


Do you prefer Cloud as a physical brawler or a magic-infused warrior? Tailor his weapon upgrades to suit your preferred playstyle. Upgrade the weapons you use the most to unlock their full potential faster.

It’s easy to forget defensive upgrades, but increasing your survivability is just as important as dishing out more damage! Boosting HP or defensive stats (both physical and magic resistance) will help you take more hits in tough battles. The best part of the new upgrade system is that it encourages experimentation. Explore different combinations of skills and stat boosts to create unique and powerful party setups.

Final Words

FF7 Rebirth’s weapon upgrade system lets you fine-tune your party’s fighting styles like never before. It’s a fantastic change that adds a layer of depth and replayability to the game. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations and have fun crafting your ideal team of fighters!

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