How to Use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

How to Use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

Are you also one of those fellows who use want to use ChatGPT but the phone number is holding you back? Well, here we have an amazing Guide on How to Use ChatGPT without a Phone Number.

Open AI ChatGPT is going viral because of those crazy human-like answers and understanding of questions. It also writes codes and does a lot of things that humans do.

For the most part, when you are trying to open this Artificially Intelligent ChatBot, it asks for a ton of things like your Phone Number, your Email, and other details.

In case you don’t want to add your Phone Number and want to use ChatGPT without it, then here is an amazing Guide to help you out.

Can’t Link Number to ChatGPT

Well, for the most part, you can’t link your Number to ChatGPT because of two reasons;

  • Country Code is restricted where you live
  • Already linked to Account
  • Phone Numbers being Suspended
  • Rate Limit on the Phone Number

There is a limit of two accounts. You can use the same Number to create two ChatGPT Accounts. If you use the same Phone Number to create your 3rd account, there will be an error. So, keep in mind about that!

Which Country Phone Number is Restricted in ChatGPT?

There are two countries that have Restricted Phone Numbers in ChatGPT. These countries are Hong Kong and Russia. If your number belongs to these Countries then you can’t use ChatGPT.

How to use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

How to use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

The short answer to using ChatGPT without a Phone Number is utilizing a Temporary Phone Number from any Service out there. Anything will work, as long as you can put it up on ChatGPT and it doesn’t belong to a Temporary Suspended service or a Blocked Country.

There are a ton of Services out there including SMSnator, Anonymsms, SMS Activation Service, and so on. Using these Temporary Services, you can use ChatGPT Without a Number.

When you use these services on ChatGPT, you can send the ChatGPT Verification Code to the Virtual Phone Number. It doesn’t matter where the Services are, as long as they are not from the Blocked ChatGPT Countries.

Better to stick with the USA, Canada, the UK, and other European Countries.

How to use Temporary Phone Number Services to use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

  • Go to the Websites we mentioned. They are Anonymsms, SMS Activation Service, SMSnator, and tempnumber. The last one is a Paid service, while the others are all Free Temporary Phone Number Services.
  • Use them and send the Code to Temporary Number.
  • Copy the number from there
  • Paste it in the Field for the Phone Number
  • Send the Code to them
  • Enter the Code in the Field

Sometimes, it doesn’t work in ChatGPT, but you can keep trying again and again till it works. Yes, it does work, but sometimes you have to try a lot. Depends on your luck, to be honest!

Why Temporary Phone Number isn’t working in ChatGPT?

Temporary Phone Number isn’t working in ChatGPT

What do you expect? They are highly trained coders and computer specialists working in OpenAI to make AI ChatBots and tools. They know what is going on in the world and have security measures.

Yes, it isn’t perfect, but most of the time when you are using low-rated Temporary Phone Number Services, OpenAI will catch you. Keep trying and you can pull this off. They have their own reasons to stop people from Spamming the Account because it messes with their Storage.

Our Take on Using ChatGPT without a Phone Number

Most of the time you will see that ChatGPT has errors resulting from an overflow of users. This is because that people are Spamming ChatGPT. The Phone Number Verification from OpenAI is made to tackle that. You can follow this guide on How to Use ChatGPT without a Phone Number to take the other way around.

But make sure you are using it if your personal Number is temporarily blocked, your Country doesn’t allow ChatGPT, ChatGPT blocked Numbers from your Country or any authentic reason. If you are using it for Spam, then it might cause issues for people who are using it for Research, Earning, or genuinely other reasons. Don’t be selfish and care for others!

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