How to Use TikTok in the UK after the Ban

How to Use TikTok in the UK after the Ban

The United Kingdom just dropped a bombshell on the TikTok community after its permanent ban on the app. In case you are a keen user, here’s How to Use TikTok in the UK after the ban.

Many of the users already got a hunch of TikTok getting banned in the UK but most of us thought it was going to be a joke and look who’s laughing now… definitely the UK Government.

Don’t worry even if you can’t open the TikTok app in the UK or use it, you can definitely go through some extra steps to make it work. There are other counties where other popular apps are banned but it can’t stop users from accessing them. Here’s our take on that!

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Why did UK Ban TikTok?

The government ministers in the UK were banned from using the Chinese app known as TikTok because they had a danger that the Chinese Government was stealing their sensitive data through it.

We will never know what’s the actual reason but it seems that way, so we will keep rolling up with that same information. Still, sounds a bit sketchy!

How to use TikTok in UK?

Now the reason question is how to use the app after the ban? There are some obvious methods and some pretty sketchy methods. We will make sure that the method mentioned below won’t get you in trouble.

Methods to Use TikTok in the UK after the Ban

Using a VPN

Yes, obviously! You can always use a VPN to change the location before using the app. In this way you won’t have to change phones, use a third part app or do other hardcore stuff.

You can just download a good free VPN service and have it turned to some other location like US, Asia and so on. But make sure that you always do so before using the app and after that you turn it off.

App and Play Store Location Change

Delete the TikTok app completely and before re-installing it, just change the App Store or Play Store location. In this way, UK will never know what hit them.

Get the TikTok APK

The smoothest method out there is downloading a TikTok APK from some credible source. Yes, it is third party app type of stuff, but people are using it and never caused any trouble.

Before you get the TikTok APK, make sure you uninstall the previous TikTok App completely. Install the APK on your phone and start using it afterwards.


Well, that’s How to use TikTok in UK after the ban. Pretty heartbreaking for the users and people who were feeding their families using TikTok. You can use the following methods to still use it though;

  • Using VPN
  • Changing the location of the App Store and Play Store
  • Install TikTok APK

That’s it fellows! You can now enjoy like as a TikTok star again and connect with your audience staying in UK.

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