Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error

Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error

Immortals of Aveum was recently launched and it looks spectacular. But, just like any other EA Published game, there are issues. Some can be ignored, while others are making the game unplayable. Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error is one of those that you can find while playing the game. Don’t worry, we got the fix right here to help you out.

Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error

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Introduction to Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum is a long-awaited FPS Shooter game under EA publishing but developed by Ascendant Studios. The game is pretty much new, so that means, you can play it on the latest consoles (Xbox Series X/S, PS5), as well as Windows PC.

Set in a Fantasy world filled with magic and futuristic tech, everything is military-based here. The world is beautiful, and the graphics are really crisp, as well as rich looking. That is why you might need a bombastic system to run this.

Typically, just as any similar game has a story, you are set in a world where two forces have conflict and fight one another. Being the protagonist, you were set to be the Magnus Battle Mage.

There are 3 colors of magic and rarely do you see someone have all the magic colors. Therefore, you, being the main character, were known to wield all 3 Colors of Magic, making one-self the Triarch.

The anti-forces, under the Rasharn, are the antagonist of the story. Just as fate has written, the Triarch is the only one who can fight with Rasharn himself, putting an end to this fight, once and for all.

Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error

What are the causes of DX12 Not Supported Error

The “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” can manifest for various reasons, hindering your ability to launch Immortals of Aveum on your PC. Some of the potential causes include:

  1. Incorrect Graphics Interface: The error may occur when the game engine misinterprets the graphics interface, preventing DirectX 12 from functioning as expected.
  2. Outdated Windows OS: An outdated Windows operating system might lack the necessary updates for DirectX 12 compatibility, leading to the error.
  3. Outdated GPU Drivers: If your graphics card drivers are outdated, it can affect the functioning of DirectX 12 and trigger the error.
  4. Corrupted Game Files: Corrupted or missing game files can disrupt the smooth operation of DirectX 12 and result in an error message.

Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error

To resolve the “DirectX 12 Not Supported Error” and dive into the captivating world of Immortals of Aveum, you can try the following effective fixes:

Adding “-d3d12” to the Launch Settings

One straightforward method to address the “DirectX 12 not supported” error is by adding a simple command line to your Steam Launch Options. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Right-click on Immortals of Aveum in your Steam library and select “Properties.”
  2. Go to the “General” tab and locate the text box for “Launch Options.”
  3. Enter “-d3d12” (without the quotes) in the text box.
  4. Close the properties window and relaunch the game.

Update Windows

Ensure that your Windows OS is up-to-date by checking for and installing the latest updates. Updating Windows will also update DirectX 12 to its latest version, potentially resolving the error.

Update Graphics Driver

If you are using an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, update your GPU drivers to the latest version. A clean and updated installation of the graphics driver may rectify the DirectX 12 error.

Verify Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files can lead to launch errors. To verify the integrity of your game files on Steam or the Epic Games Launcher:

  • For Steam users, right-click on Immortals of Aveum, go to “Properties,” and click on “Verify Integrity of game files” in the “Installed Files” tab.
  • For Epic Games Store users, click on the three dots next to Immortals of Aveum in your Library, select “Manage,” and click on “Verify Files.”

By following these solutions, you can effortlessly Fix Immortals of Aveum DX12 Not Supported Error.

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