Kameo Fatality Not Working in MK1

Kameo Fatality Not Working in MK1

Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) introduced a new Kameo mechanism in the game, allowing players to call in their tag team fighter for assistance. Using the kameo, players can also perform kameo fatalities, but recently the kameo fatalities stopped working for most players in MK1.

Kameo Fatalities are not working because of an in-game issue that requires players to take a few steps back than intended and then use the Kameo Fatality prompt to use them.

Kameo Fatality Not Working in MK1

What are Kameo Fatalities in MK1?

Kameo Fighters are new mechanics in Mortal Kombat 1 that introduces a sub-character that you can call in to assist you while fighting. It can add much more depth to the game, allowing players to utilize combos, extra blows, strings, and fatalities.

At the final moment, when the enemy character is near death, you can call in your Kameo Fighter to help you make a new fatality to finish the foe.

How to use Kameo Fatality in MK1?

Each character in the game has his/her own Kameo Fatality, and there is a different prompt for using that. You will have to find the character’s Kameo fatality input and press the buttons in that sequential order to use the Kameo fatality.

But, before you do that, make sure the enemy character is near the death blow, just at the brink of dying out. Position yourself appropriately and get in the fatality mode to use whatever fatality you want.

Why is the Kameo Fatality Not Working?

There is a notable bug in MK1 related to the initial positioning before using the Kameo Fatality. Typically, the game itself tells you where to stand and uses the Kameo Fatality in a close-up range, or even far off.

But, the Kameo Fatality isn’t working because you are either too close or too far apart. Position yourself accordingly, and you will be able to use it. The following are the reasons why the Kameo Fatalities are not working.

  • Positioning, either too close or too far off
  • In-game bug
  • Fatality is not unlocked or is not available for the fatality mode
  • Not using the correct fatality prompt buttons as intended
Kameo Fatality Not Working in MK1

How to Fix Kameo Fatality Not Working in MK1

Following are the methods to fix Kameo Fatality’s No Working.

Go into Fatality Mode

Before you start using the Kameo Fatality, you need to be in the Fatality Mode. Finish the match, but don’t kill the opponent, just lower it down till the announcer says “Finish Him/Her”

Use the correct buttons for Kameo Fatality

Each character in the game has his/her own Kameo Fatality buttons or prompts. You have to press the right keys to use the Kameo Fatality. Read all the Kameo Fatalities here.

Restart and Verify Game Files

In case both of the above don’t work, you will have to Restart the Game and Verify the Game Files using Steam. It will fix all the issues related to the game files, and also update the game to the latest version.

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click MK1
  • Head to Properties
  • Go to the Files Tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

It will take a while and after that, your issue with MK1 Fatalities Not Working will be fixed.

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