Last Epoch Auction House Explained

Last Epoch Auction House Explained

Last Epoch is an action RPG with a deep crafting system, thrilling loot drops, and a player-driven economy. A key pillar of that economy is the Auction House, a marketplace where players can buy and sell their hard-earned gear and rare items.

Last Epoch Auction House Explained

The Auction House

Think of the Auction House as a centralized bazaar within the game world. Here’s the basic rundown:

If you have an item you want to get rid of, you list it on the Auction House for a set price. Players looking for specific gear, crafting materials, or unique items browse the Auction House listings.

If they see what they need, they can purchase it with in-game currency. The Auction House saves you the hassle of shouting in chat or searching for specific trades. It streamlines buying and selling for everyone.

Last Epoch has a unique twist on the typical trading system – Factions. You’ll choose between two:

This faction allows for traditional trading through the Auction House. This is the choice for most players. This is the self-found (SSF) faction. You can’t trade with other players, relying entirely on your own loot drops and crafting.

The presence of a marketplace like the Auction House has a profound effect on how players interact with Last Epoch:

  • Item Accessibility: The Auction House makes finding niche items much easier. Need a specific unique for your build? Chances are there’s one for sale.
  • Time vs. Currency: Players who don’t have hours to grind for specific drops can often buy what they need, saving time but spending their hard-earned gold.
  • Crafter’s Paradise: Crafters can list excess high-quality gear or rare crafting materials, fueling the economy and making their time investment profitable.
  • Value Fluctuations: Just like a real-world economy, the prices of items in the Auction House shift based on supply and demand.

Final Words

Last Epoch’s decision to include a trading system adds a layer of convenience and accessibility to the gameplay. However, the developers also offer the self-found (SSF) option for those seeking a more traditional, loot-driven ARPG experience. It’s a great example of how games can cater to different player preferences!

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games