Loki Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs - god of multiverse

Loki Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs – god of multiverse

It is a good time to be alive as Loki – god of mischief now knows what he wants to do and how to do it. In the latest Season 2 Episode 6, or the finale, we got to witness Loki sitting on the throne, with all the strings of the multiverse in his hands, and that portrays the tree of life itself.

But, what is actually happening here? Did he become another type of god, or did Loki sacrifice himself in the end, trying to save everyone? Let’s break down Loki Season 2 Episode 6 and also discuss the easter eggs. Spoilers: Loki became the god of the multiverse.

Loki Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs - god of multiverse

Loki’s Purpose Breakdown – Season 2 Episode 6 Finale

The whole episode was titled “Glorious Purpose“, symbolizing the purpose of Loki in the whole multiverse. But, season 1 was also titled the same, symbolizing that Loki has always been about Loki finding purpose and doing better once or twice.

Loki finds their purpose, as he masters the abilities, even controlling time. But the things that are lost, meaning the multiverse, need to be fixed by him in one way or another.

Loki, throughout the series, changes a few things here and there, which results in the whole timeline collapsing. So, to turn things into balance once again, Loki will basically have to pay the price.

So, Loki goes back to the TVA (Time Variance Authority) before the Temporal Loom collapse begins. The things that have changed are Loki himself, as he has the future knowledge, and has a lot more maturity now.

Lokie spent centuries just to become the scientist solving the Temporal Radiation, and saving the TVA, also the whole time in the multiverse. They eventually find the Loom to hold the time and regulate it, but it doesn’t last for long.

Infinite Timelines can’t be held by the Loom, and someone has to hold it, as told by the Kang Variant – He Who Remains. So, it is none other than Loki himself, who held the Loom and the Time, binding it together and saving all of the Multiverse.

Loki’s Purpose was to hold the multiverse and become the god of the multiverse himself, not just a mere god of Asgard or the seven realms.

Lokie Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs

  • At the start, Loki Says “I am Loki, of Asguard, and I am burdened with Glorious Purpose”. This is the first time ever he says it.
  • In the opening scene, Marvel’s Logo Title Card reverses.
  • The song or music is related to the Asguard, as the chants are named “Lokasenna”. These small whispers and vocal chants are a poem where Loki talks to other Gods about bringing about the apocalypse.
  • So, Loki is going to change the time back to before the Ragnarok, bringing back his friends. As he has a tree of life of his own now.
  • Outside the door, we see For All Time Always and glide into the window
  • We peek into the window, showcasing the events once again. It is the Episode 4
  • Loki Time Slipped into his younger self. Every other time it has happened, Loki turns into another variant of himself. He is kind of a witness to history.
  • When he turns into a younger self, he time slips into a younger self, and back into his own body.
  • Loki goes back with each look, trying to make this work.
  • Loki saves every second of time here, trying to again make things work.
  • OB was the original builder of TVA, and Loki says he is coming for his job. Loki making a tree of life does take his job away, as Loki says in the Episode.
  • Loki types passwords fast, and it came from him trying every possible combination for centuries.
  • With this, we see Victor’s Loop always dying slowing down, as he gets bumped and starts going onward.
  • Now, as Victor returns, he finds it to be a scaling problem, dividing by zero, which is actually infinity. So, Loom will always fail.
  • Loki goes to Sylvie, stopping her from killing Kang the Conquerer.
  • He who remains ultimately knows they had the conversation before. So, his being killed by Sylvie was just part of the plan.
  • He who remains wanted men to talk at the least.
  • He who remains onward is in a conversation that is unknown to both Loki and Kang.
  • This variant of Kang is like 55 percent Victor and then himself. So, he talks to Loki seriously as himself.
  • We get to understand that the Sacred Loom is just a fail-safe and made to preserve the timeline. It automatically deleted branches, and even if TVA gets destroyed, it will be remade again.
  • Loki checks the equation on the board of Kang’s room and then thinks of making a new Time Management System.
  • To do that, he would have to destroy everything including TVA and the Loom, and make it anew.
  • To do this, he needs permission from his friends, so he returns to all of them one by one.
  • Morbius says that “Most Purpose, is more burden than Glory”. This has been in the MCU for years.
  • Now, Loki knows he is the one who should go to the Loom instead of Victor or Morbius.
  • Then he says the incredible lines “I know what kind of god I want, and what kind of god I need to be for you, for all of us”.
  • If Loki holds the dead branches, he can bring life into them. This creates an opening to the citadel.

This makes one thing clear, Loki has been completely transformed into a character like no other. All the centuries of burdening himself with timelines, multiverse, and making things better, he has prepared himself to hold the time strands and give them life. This can seen in the emotions of Loki that he wants to grab all the branches, irrespective of their weight or power.

Loki Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs - god of multiverse

This gives us a picture of World Tree from Asguard as well. The upper part has bloomed, and the lower part is dead, giving us a picture of the Life Tree. This is the fruit of Loki’s Labour and sacrifice throughout the series, and finally ending in Loki Season 2 Episode 6. With that, we are also ending our breakdown and easter eggs guide.

Loki Season 2 Episode 6 Breakdown and Easter Eggs - god of multiverse

What will happen after Season 2 Episode 6 of Loki?

Nothing much is known yet, but we could see Loki assembling a team of Avengers to fight a team of Kang. Loki has overcome his fears of being alone and mentioned that he now fears his friends dying and Loki seeing them actually go away. So, he sacrificed himself, being alone to save his friends and all of the time-line. Morbius even whispers “Let time pass” and it is heard by Loki.

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