Microsoft BioGPT

Microsoft Announced BioGPT: Pre-trained Model for Biomedical Text Generation

AI is going wild nowadays with ChatGPT opening all the doors for Artificial Technology to arrive inside your house. It was previously available but now things are pretty obvious. OpenAI threw their cards on the table, but now it’s time for other Tech Giants to throw their cards. Here, we will be sharing with you details on Microsoft BioGPT.

Microsoft was working on a Pre-Trained Model specifically for the purpose of Biomedical Text Generation and mining. They named it BioGPT and now it officially went live, making its debut in everyone’s house. 

What’s BioGPT: Microsoft Generative Pre-Trained Transformer for Biomedical Text Generation and Mining

Microsoft BioGPT Training

Now, with all the butter and salt on the dressing, you might be wondering what BioGPT from Microsoft. Just like other AI Software by Machine Learning experts, BioGPT is also a Machine Learning Technique used in the Biomedical Area.

It means that now you can do Biological Tasks much more effortlessly and effectively, but BioGPT is quite limited. The previous researchers and their data were used to pre-train the language model. This data was obviously biomedical text and not the other text used to train ChatGPT or Google Lamda

So, BioGPT is a Pre-Trained Transformer working on the Literature of the Biomedical area, working on 15 Million Corpus PubMed, and then made on the Transformer Language Mode.

There are also NLP Tasks of around six biological segments that make up the Language Model, question answering, categorization, documentation, and extraction of end-to-end relations. 

Pre-Trained Language Model used for BioGPT

Working of BioGPT

There are two main Language Models that are used to train BioGPT. These are;

  • BERT: It is specifically for the Biomedical Field. It further expands to PubMedBERT and BioBERT
  • GPT: You already know what it’s about from ChatGPT. It will Generate Text based on what was asked from the user. 

Why BioGPT? What’s the use of BioGPT in the Biomedical Industry?

Purpose of BioGPT

There are a ton of Breakthroughs nowadays in Technology, but we clearly saw that there wasn’t anything AI Related to the Biofield. Researchers took the Machine Learning Techniques and trained Biomedical Data on them. 

Due to the achievements in the Scientific Region, you can find new publications on a daily basis. Therefore, it becomes essential to derive essential knowledge from it. That’s where the Pre-Trained Models like BioGPT come into consideration and why we need BioGPT in the Biomedical field. 

Benefits of BioGPT in the Biomedical Field

They used techniques like extraction of knowledge and mining the Literature none other than Biomedical. Afterward, it can help you make new medications, therapy in the clinics, research for Pathology, and so on.

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