Monopoly GO Bows & Bandits Event Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Bows & Bandits Event Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO has rolled out the Bows & Bandits event, introducing exciting rewards and milestones for players to unlock during their gameplay. Let’s dive into the enticing offerings and milestones that await participants in this engaging event.

The Bows & Bandits event boasts an array of rewards, enticing players with various in-game perks as they achieve specific milestones:

Monopoly GO Bows & Bandits Event Rewards and Milestones

Milestones and Rewards Overview

  • 1-Star Green Sticker Pack: Reach 25 Event Points
  • Cash Rewards: Acquire 20 Event Points
  • 200 Dice Rolls: Surpass 10 Event Points
  • 150 Free Rolls: Hit 450 Event Points
  • Blue Sticker Pack: Achieve 650 Event Points
  • 5 Minutes of Cash Boost: Reach 750 Event Points
  • Four-Star Sticker Pack: Attain 34,650 Event Points
  • 10 Minutes Cash Grab: Achieve 100 Event Points

Players can track their progress throughout the event by accumulating Event Points, with each milestone offering enticing rewards, ranging from exclusive sticker packs to generous cash boosts and dice rolls.

These rewards add an extra layer of excitement to the Monopoly GO gaming experience, encouraging players to strategize and engage actively to unlock various milestones.

To swiftly gather Event Points and unlock these rewards, players can optimize their gameplay by focusing on completing in-game tasks, participating in challenges, and actively engaging in Monopoly GO activities during the Bows & Bandits event duration.

Final Words

The Monopoly GO Bows & Bandits event brings a thrilling opportunity for players to collect Event Points and unlock an assortment of attractive rewards, ranging from sticker packs to beneficial in-game boosts. With a strategic approach and active participation, players can swiftly progress through the event milestones, enhancing their gaming experience and reaping the enticing rewards along the way.

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