Netflix Troll Sequel: Everything we know so far

Netflix Troll Sequel: Everything we know so far

Netflix’s Norwegian film “Troll” is getting a sequel. The movie is trending in the top 10 since its release on December 1, 2022. The movie is based on Norwegian folklore. The audience wants more of Trolls and the ending of the movie also suggests that there might be a sequel. The Netflix film received mixed reviews from the critics but is being loved by the audience. Netflix Troll has a simple and humourous plot that made it a huge hit.

It is not the first-time Trolls are making an appearance on big screens. DreamWorks Animation “Trolls” is also based on Norwegian mythological creatures.

What Troll is about?

The film follows Nora, a paleontologist that grew up listening to the stories of Trolls told by her father. But, one day an explosion happens at mount Dovre killing protestors and the workers at the drilling site by a mysterious creature. The Government reaches out to Nora to help them recognize the mysterious creature which happens to be a Troll. Turns out, the Christians killed the Trolls and built their palace over the Troll King’s Palace.

Netflix Troll Sequel: Everything we know so far

Trolls ending explained

Nora finds a way to turn the troll back into stones. While in the palace of the Norwegian King, Nora realizes that the trolls disintegrate under her UV flashlight, and due to the cloudy climate of Norway, the troll was able to attack people in the broad daylight.

Kris and his team nuke the Troll after luring him into the UV light trap by using the skull of a baby troll they found in the dungeon in the Palace.

However, Nora starts to feel sympathy for the dying Troll and begs to let him go. But, the clouds part and the troll disintegrate into stone as the bright sunlight reaches the earth. The film ends with Nora and Andreas discussing the possibility of another Troll out there.

But, after the credits, the camera rolls back to Dovre mountain with a huge explosion and a roar that suggests that there is in fact another Troll ready to attack again.

Netflix Troll Sequel Release Date

Trolls producer Kristian Strand Sinkerud is ready for Netflix Troll Sequel if Netflix gives the green light. Kristen told What’s on Netflix about the possibility of a sequel.

“As filmmakers, you always have ambitions to make something that can last a little longer than one film, Of course, we have ambitions to make a sequel and perhaps two sequels, but it all depends on how the audience is responding to Troll.”

However, the director of the film has not revealed any plans for the sequel, according to her, “it depends on how well the first movie performs”.

Netflix has not revealed anything about the viewership of the film. But, judging by the film’s presence in the top 10, there is hope for a sequel.

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