Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?

Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?

Netflix’s new hit series “Night Agent” is coming back for another season. According to reports the series is watched by 168,710,000 million hours breaking the record of Stranger Things season 3. The show is renewed after a week of its debut. The Night Agent is created by Shawn Ryan. Ryan is known for being a showrunner for the shows like S.W.A.T and The Shield. The series is based on the book by Matthew Quirk. The Night Agent follows the life of an FBI agent whose life changes after he attends a fan call that involves him in a deadly conspiracy about a mole at the White House.

If you like spy shows with government secrets, you should check out Netflix’s latest series. The series has become very popular and is currently at the top of Netflix’s English-language viewing charts.

Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?

The Night Agent Season 2 Release Date

Netflix announced the renewal news of The Night Agent Season 2 on March 29, 2023, five days after the release of season one. The night agent also received positive reviews from the audience. The series has a 7.5 rating on IMDb and a 75 % score on RottenTomatoes. Katherine Pope, President of Sony Pictures Television said that the “show has become a sensation globally” and she can’t wait to tell stories with the cast and the creator Shawn Ryan”.


The first season revolved around Peter Sutherland, a young FBI agent who is dealing with his father’s betrayal and gets involved in a government conspiracy. Peter and Rose Larkin, who witnessed the gruesome murder of her relatives, get together to find the truth. According to Shawn Ryan, season 2 will revolve around a completely new mission for Peter. Also, according to Shawn, the new season will take place in a completely new area than DC. Ryan told Comicbook,

“It does not take place in the DC area. We’ll be in a different part of the world exploring different characters than we had in season 1.”

The showrunner also revealed that he wanted to do a “serialized thing” as he was not interested in doing a cliffhanger. The second season will also have ten episodes like the previous one.

Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?

Peter will return for season 2 as the show is based on his character. Luciane’s character is romantically involved with Gabriel Basso’s character so her return is obvious. All the main characters survived season one so the majority of them will be back. However, Ryan also revealed that “there will be new faces”. Also, Hong Chau’s Diane Farr will not be returning for season 2 as her story seems to be complete. Ryan revealed in an interview with TV Line,

“I thought we told a pretty complete Diane Farr story in Season 1. And certainly, Hong is going to have all sorts of job opportunities, so I don’t really know what her availability would be,” he told the outlet. “

However, Netflix has not officially announced the casting of season 2.

Who is returning for The Night Agent Season 2?


Netflix has decided to renew the series just after few days of its release. The streaming platform wants to make “The Night Agent” an anthology series just like HBO’s “White Lotus” which also proved to be a huge hit for HBO. Also, Netflix wants to spend more on the new Spy Thrilling series. The Night Agent is a must-watch for spy movie lovers as people have been calling it “intriguing” and binge-worthy.

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